Random Life Update: April

Wow, April's over already?! Time certainly flies. This month was really fun for me. 😉 I stayed really busy, got new pets and did coconut crafts. Let's dive into April! As you guys know, I got two new sugar gliders. A lady in VA was rehoming them and we decided that we'd go and pick … Continue reading Random Life Update: April

Ilona & Yiska

Hey guys! Exciting news!

An Inky Dream

Well, it happened! I am now the official owner/servant to two more gliders! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, a young lady had decided to rehome her two gliders. I got in touch with her and we decided that I’d take them.

So a week ago, I found myself in a crowded minivan with my family on a road trip! Long story short, after a lot of driving and sightseeing, I picked up my new babies. They are beautiful, you guys. We brought them home and got their big cage set up. They are both super sweet (though shy) and I’m excited to bond with them and to watch them learn to trust me.

Let me introduce you to the babies…


Yiska is a neutered White Face Blonde male. He’s a couple months under a year. He is very shy of human interaction. He’s laid back and…

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Mystery Blogger Award + Random Memes

Hello friends. I've been neglecting this blog lately. Life has been really busy and I have been running low on energy. Busy with school, Spring100, writing goals, my two new sugar gliders and upcoming appointments. So. That's my excuse. XD Spring has really come here. It's lovely. The flowers are blooming and everything is sooo … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award + Random Memes

Why It’s Ok To Ask Why

For a very long time, I was under the impression that if I asked “why” or “how long” or if I was sad or angry about something that happened in life, then I was a terrible Christian. Because “good” Christians aren’t supposed to wonder why bad things happen. They’re just supposed to suck it up, … Continue reading Why It’s Ok To Ask Why

How Audiobooks Revolutionized My Schooling

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love reading. It’s one of my favorite pass times. But it can also be hard for me to read when I’m tired (which is all of the time). In 2020, I started great literature/history classes that had me reading very old books (early Greek and Romans … Continue reading How Audiobooks Revolutionized My Schooling

The Girl Who Didn’t Believe In Heroes

There once was a girl who didn’t believe in heroes. While she mocked others for having them, she secretly longed for one. But she knew that no one could ever be her hero...no one cared enough to notice her. She was determined to be self-sufficient. She needed no one. Then the Great Darkness came and … Continue reading The Girl Who Didn’t Believe In Heroes

New Gliders!! {Names Needed}

Exciting news, guys!

An Inky Dream

Hello everyone! I have exciting news!!!

*decides to forego long pauses for suspense*

I. Am. Getting. Two. New. Gliders.

YES! You heard that right! I’m getting two new sugar gliders! Back in February, a sweet lady decided to rehome her gliders. After a lot of consideration, I decided that I would get them. I’ll be picking them up on April 16th! Not too far from now!

I am so thrilled, guys. These gliders are adorable! It’s a little neutered boy and a little girl! The boy is a Standard Grey and the girl is a Luesistic (like Ink). They’re both pretty young – under a year.

I need help with names, guys! I like my names to be really meaningful and to have a story behind them (which is why it takes me forever to come up with good names). I narrowed it down to eight names between them both…

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Random Life Update: March

Hello everyone! My one week break turned out longer than I expected. I'm still kinda burnt out of blogging, but I'm hoping that I'll get ideas and motivation soon! Anyway, I'm back with my random life update for March! March was a really busy month, which was unusual. It's normally really boring and long and … Continue reading Random Life Update: March

My Cookie, My Friend: A Tragedy

Earlier this afternoon, Jehosheba, Mama, Yoveil and I went into town. We stopped by a store and got some coffee and cookies (the best food ever). Yoveil desperately wanted this cookie that looked like a little chicken. Mama got it without her knowing. Then we went to our appointments. While Jehosheba was in hers, Mama … Continue reading My Cookie, My Friend: A Tragedy