Random Talk #2

Hand me a towel, people. *takes towel and wipes sweat off of face* I just got done running outside for like fifteen minutes and I'm dripping with sweat. Ugh. I'd planned to run for 30 minutes but then people started coming, so I had a good excuse to quit early. 😉 I have a love-hate... Continue Reading →

The Past Recreated

So Jehosheba and I decided to take pictures of our younger selves and then recreate them. 🙂 XD Here are the fruits of our labors. XD Jehosheba's was SO CUTE. But she's in the shower and will get mad at me if I post it without her permission. You guys want to see her, right?... Continue Reading →

Two in One Tag!!

So I was tagged for two different tags! 😉 YAY!!! 🙂 So here goes! Oh, and THANK YOU to everyone who took my survey! I enjoyed the answers! 🙂 So Rosy tagged me for the Top Ten Songs Tag!  THANK YOU, ROSY! 1. List your top ten songs in answer to the questions 2. Hyperlink... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th Of July

Hey!! So it is July fourth again! Wow! I remember last July 4th....It is AMAZING how much life can change in a year. Anyway. Let's all remember WHY we celebrate today!!! 🙂 Also, I have been pretty busy this last few days. That is the greatest excuse for not posting, right? Last Saturday, our friends... Continue Reading →

Random Hattush Talk #1

So I've started a new series on my blog. This is where I just talk about random stuff without having any apparent direction. XD Uh, the idea behind this was that it would be really funny but I think a big dino called Life came and stomped my sense of humor out of me. Now... Continue Reading →


Hey all! Would you all join me in wishing my little sister a HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY? I'm so excited for her!!! So much has happened over the past few years to shape who she is today! I hope that this year and many years to come are wonderful for you, sis! Love you! ❤ HAPPY... Continue Reading →


So, since I happily "finished" my story, I'm here to give you sneak peeks from it. 🙂 😉 It still needs a lot of work and TONS of editing but you guys will love my failures in writing, right? I hope so.... Laugh along side me at my, uh, mistakes. XD It was a cool... Continue Reading →

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