Beyond The Screen

Can’t see their pleading eyes, their outstretched arms Can’t hear their pleas for attention Don’t notice their tears, their pain when they’re pushed aside We’re holdin’ the devices to our faces, can’t see beyond them to the world outside Lost in the endless labyrinth of information and pleasures, we don’t see our real treasures That … Continue reading Beyond The Screen

Island of the Misfit Toys

I’ve never been normal. No one who knows me would say that. I’m pretty sure that I was born with a red stamp across my face that said, “THIS KID IS DESTINED NEVER TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE – NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE DOES TO TRY AND SAVE HER, SHE CAN’T ESCAPE HER LIFELONG SENTENCE.” … Continue reading Island of the Misfit Toys

You Know You’ve Moved A Lot When…

Your friends and family aren’t surprised when you announce another move and are always asking, “Hey, where are you moving next? You’re a pro at packing and unpacking. You can’t believe it when people talk about growing up in ONE house and rarely leaving the state. You move instead of taking vacations. Your online shopping … Continue reading You Know You’ve Moved A Lot When…

Toilet Paper Famine

Mom’s face was filled with concern as she stared at our nearly empty bathroom closet. She sighed and turned to me. “Vision, it’s almost gone.” Fear thumped loudly in my ears as I processed the sheer weight of her words. I shook my head in disbelief. “Mom, it can’t be...not now...not so soon.” Mom nodded. … Continue reading Toilet Paper Famine

Covid-19: Fight With The Five {Guest Post}

Everywhere you look, there’s some sign or person saying “do the five”. It’s part of this time. Some think it’ll blow over and others think it’s the end of the world. No matter where you fall, three words probably ring in your ears. “Do the five”. Well, don’t hate me, but here’s another five ways … Continue reading Covid-19: Fight With The Five {Guest Post}

Stay Sane and Un-Bored While Quarantined

With the coronavirus going around, it’s likely that you are self-quarantined to your home (or will be soon). That can be reeeeally boring. So what can you do while you’re pining away under the reign of Boredom? Here are forty two ideas! 🙂 Listen to Audios This is one of my favorite things to do. … Continue reading Stay Sane and Un-Bored While Quarantined

Brain Storming Session 001

The date is February 25, 2020 and I am on a quest to better my writing. For the past little while, I’ve been working on this one story, but it’s just got too many holes and too much to fix. So I’m trashing it and starting over completely. There are a few things that I … Continue reading Brain Storming Session 001