National Almond Day (And The Topic of GF Flours)

I was bored out of my mind and trying to figure out if there are any "National [whatever] Day" today. Turns out, today is, in fact.... *long dramatic pause* NATIONAL ALMOND DAY! Exciting, no? No. Who makes up these days anyway?? *shrugs* *ignores the wails of my siblings about how bored they are* Almonds have… Continue reading National Almond Day (And The Topic of GF Flours)


Guest Post By Lydia– Aole Pau Devotionals

PEOPLE, you need to read this devotional by my friend Lydia. It touched me so much and was so encouraging! Be sure to see the bottom of the post details on how to subscribe to Lydia’s devotional! ❤

Hey guys!

Today I have a very special guest post by one of my good friends, Lydia. Lydia has been writing devotionals for quite a while and I’m excited to be able to share one of them with you!

And now, please welcome, LYDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*insert applause here*

“The things that made you cry can help others connect.”

Aole Pau DevotionalsScars (1)

I have scars.
Those three words aren’t easy words to type down, because, well, I know people will read them. And then they’ll know something about me that I don’t exactly like people to know.
But it’s true. They’re on both of my legs, there’s a couple on my ankle, a couple on each of my hands, a few on my arms . . . I have scars.
When I was younger, I almost always had a scrape or a bruise somewhere on my body. I guess that’s what happens where you’re an…

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Week 3

Hey people! Today I am announcing Week  3 of our DOTL contest! So far, this contest has been excruciatingly difficult for Hattush and me to score these. Many of y'all's artwork deserves 10s on both creativity and skill, yet, due to fairness and impartiality, we can not score them that high. (Although I wish we… Continue reading Week 3