Random Talk #2

Hand me a towel, people. *takes towel and wipes sweat off of face* I just got done running outside for like fifteen minutes and I'm dripping with sweat. Ugh. I'd planned to run for 30 minutes but then people started coming, so I had a good excuse to quit early. 😉 I have a love-hate... Continue Reading →

The Past Recreated

So Jehosheba and I decided to take pictures of our younger selves and then recreate them. 🙂 XD Here are the fruits of our labors. XD Jehosheba's was SO CUTE. But she's in the shower and will get mad at me if I post it without her permission. You guys want to see her, right?... Continue Reading →

Two in One Tag!!

So I was tagged for two different tags! 😉 YAY!!! 🙂 So here goes! Oh, and THANK YOU to everyone who took my survey! I enjoyed the answers! 🙂 So Rosy tagged me for the Top Ten Songs Tag!  THANK YOU, ROSY! 1. List your top ten songs in answer to the questions 2. Hyperlink... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th Of July

Hey!! So it is July fourth again! Wow! I remember last July 4th....It is AMAZING how much life can change in a year. Anyway. Let's all remember WHY we celebrate today!!! 🙂 Also, I have been pretty busy this last few days. That is the greatest excuse for not posting, right? Last Saturday, our friends... Continue Reading →

Random Hattush Talk #1

So I've started a new series on my blog. This is where I just talk about random stuff without having any apparent direction. XD Uh, the idea behind this was that it would be really funny but I think a big dino called Life came and stomped my sense of humor out of me. Now... Continue Reading →

20 Questions Tag + Birthday Pictures

So yesterday Jehosheba got dressed up and we went outside to take some pictures of her! Our backyard has lots of fun and pretty shrubbery so we had fun with that. 🙂 Also, a big thank you to everyone who made her birthday so special! 🙂 ❤ And secondly, Coralie let me do this tag!... Continue Reading →


Hey all! Would you all join me in wishing my little sister a HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY? I'm so excited for her!!! So much has happened over the past few years to shape who she is today! I hope that this year and many years to come are wonderful for you, sis! Love you! ❤ HAPPY... Continue Reading →

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