Farewell, Faithful Friend!

*WEEPS* people, this is awful! THIS IS TRAGIC! THIS IS HEARTBREAKING! *wipes tears away from very red eyes and attempts to stop weeping* WHY OH WHY?! *controls self* Today, I'm writing a blog post to say farewell to something that has served me very well over the past almost year; something that has helped me... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay To Grieve

For the longest time, I tried to make everyone around me happy. It made me uncomfortable and nervous when people were sad and I tried to force them to be happy. Obviously, that never worked. It was hard for me to accept that people NEED to grieve and forcing them to smile and laugh will... Continue Reading →

An Adventure With Sarah

(I wrote this story a LONG time ago but I recently discovered it again and laughed over it...XD) An Adventure With Sarah I sat in the sukkah. Okay, it was really my own personal creation but it served my purpose well. I smiled proudly to myself. I really had done a great job this year.... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Gone

*curls up in ball and attempts to not squish the computer in the process* Help me. Give me a drink that automatically puts me to sleep or something. *decides against that because I'm already so tired* Anybody have anything to kill a sugar-induced headache? No? Maybe I'll just get a glass of water and stop... Continue Reading →

A Wonderful Beginning To 16

*takes a bite of biscotti and a sip of coffee* Well people, guess what. It's snowing outside. *nods solemnly* I woke up this morning and looked out of my window and was like, "Uh.....what is that layer of white stuff doing all over our porch??" XD In other news, I had a GREAT BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Continue Reading →

Fifteen Years In Review

Well guess what?! I turn 16 today! It is CRAZY how fast the years have gone by! In honor of me *ahem* *insert goofy face* here are pictures of me growing up. *Proceeds to spend way too long looking through old pictures and wanting to go back and relive those times* 2003   2004 Just... Continue Reading →

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