You Know You’ve Moved A Lot When…

Your friends and family aren’t surprised when you announce another move and are always asking, “Hey, where are you moving next?Picture1.png

You’re a pro at packing and unpacking.

You can’t believe it when people talk about growing up in ONE house and rarely leaving the state.

You move instead of taking vacations.

Your online shopping “Ship To” list has a lot of different addresses in several different states and cities.

You don’t understand it when people talk about being homesick after just being gone from their house for a couple days.

“Where are you from?” is an awkward question.

You’ve stopped getting attached to your house, town and state.

Home is just “that place I live for now”.

Being social and having friends can be challenging….depending on your personality.

Your family car feels like your second home.

You’re great at entertaining yourself during long road trips.

You get crazy excited when you find someone else who has moved a lot, too.

You have a lot of interesting stories to tell.

Your best friends are likely online/through snail mail.

Home is your family – not a geographical location.

You’re a pro at becoming acclimated to new climates.


You wonder what it feels like to really belong in a place.


You’re an expert when it comes to looking at houses.


If you don’t like a place, you’re comforted by the thought that you’ll likely move again soon.


“Are your parents in the military?” You get that question all the time.


“If you’re not in the military, why do you move so much?” You never really know how to answer that.


Move-in day is the greatest.


You’re amazingly fast at memorizing your address and remembering major street names so that you can give quick answers when people ask where you live.


You refer to your previous houses by their street names or distinctive events that happened during your stay there.


Your parents store away nice boxes and say, “These are great moving boxes” even if you just moved.


You get mixed up trying to remember what year (and what month) you moved from various houses.


You can’t remember what house you were living in when you turned [insert age] years old.


When you think about your future, you have one of two thoughts: “I hate moving, I’m buying a house and staying here forever.” Or “I AM A NOMAD! I’M BUYING AN RV AND TRAVELING EVERYWHERE!!!”



P.S. I was planning to post this in a couple days, but *sobs* I accidentally hit the publish button early so…..XD

43 thoughts on “You Know You’ve Moved A Lot When…

  1. I feel like I can relate to this post…………………………………. XD Maybe because we’re sisters. Your shape people are so cute!!! I’m glad to see you doing them again! 😀

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  2. This is a neat post! Those pictures were well done! I really like them. We refer to all our past houses by the name of the street or the color of the house. And, yes, it is interesting to find someone who’s moved a lot like we have. 😁😍

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      1. You’re welcome! Well, if you want to count all of the temporary housing moves with the other moves, we’ve moved about 11 times. If you want to only count the houses we’ve lived in for more than a month or two, though, we’ve moved 8 times. I’ve LIVED in 9 “long-term” houses.

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          1. Yes, I do enjoy moving. 😁 Although, when you move into a house, and you have all the boxes and suitcases to unload, it can be kinda hard, especially when you don’t have any place to put your things. But, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be moving again any time soon, because we’ve lived in this house for three years, now (the longest time we’ve lived in a house since we’ve been back to the states).

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            1. Oh yes, that’s always hard! After this past move, I had boxes in my room for quite a few weeks because I didn’t have any of my furniture yet!
              Three years is a good, long time! *hugs and smiles* Are you happy to be more settled?


              1. I know! When we moved here, we didn’t have very much furniture (we had beds, a dining room table, a kitchen table, a desk, and an old dresser for us girls, along with some substitute “furniture”). We’ve now gotten more furniture since being here, though we STILL don’t have a living room set!! 😂
                Yes! And I’m hoping we’ll stay for at least four (we most likely will, since we’ve bought this house). I am pretty happy to be settled. 🤗

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                  1. Really? 😄 Yeah, in terms of furniture, all we have in our living room is a desk and office chair, a bookshelf, a three drawer plastic shelf, and some folding chairs.

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  3. Awww! I so can’t relate tho… I lived in one house when I was born, we moved out of choice once, a tornado kinda sorta smashes our house, we lived with grandparents for a month then rented a house for almost a year, then we’ve lived here for about 6 years… Or is it seven? I’m not counting. Oh and all of this is in Moore and OKC. XD And I would be the exact opposite on some of these… But somehow I so totally understand… Am I weird? XD

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    1. Haha, no, you aren’t weird. I think that all kids who’ve moved several times can relate and understand a lot of these things. What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about moving?


        1. Oooh yeah, that’s always fun! We boys rooms and girls rooms, so my sisters and I are always fighting our brothers for the better rooms. XD
          *cries* she left this blog. 😭😭😭


    1. Wow, really!? Do you like it?
      Haha, that’s great that you have awesome neighbors! I always wonder what our neighbors thought of us…”They moved in, they had a bunch of routy kids, they moved out a year later” XD

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