13 thoughts on “10 Ways I Am Like Gliders

  1. Some of my favorite pets are like me in that ginkgos
    1. Enhance a healthy lifestyle with the God-given contributions they were designed to share with the world
    2. They are unique and seem to revel in the multitude of adaptive shapes and sizes
    3. They love seasonal changes and glory in expressing themselves through brilliant golden leaves or in variegations.
    4. They’re easy to be around and bring joy just by the sight of their arrival.
    5. They are tolerant of abusive situations ranging from atomic blasts to being planted along streets.
    6. They are an elixir for brain fog and vigor.
    7. They enjoy sharing of themselves at fire pit roastings

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      1. I can see the value in having a living entity outside yourself that flourishes when you meet its needs.
        Even though our existence may not depend on reciprocal vital needs being met by, say, gliders or Ginkgos, deep needs being met enhance our lives by giving us joy and appreciation for how we and they are designed.
        Nothing like acknowledging the source of our joy as a gift from above.


  2. This was cute! Pets are truly amazing ❤
    I'm trying to think of how I'm like my pets…let me see.
    1. My dog Rocket and I both have allergies (fun)
    2. All three of us love to sleep
    3. My dog Minxi and I both shed our long, blonde hair
    4. umm, we all like blueberries?
    I can't think of anymore xD…this was fun though!

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  3. The picture of the gliders in the fuzzy pink blanket 😍😍. Hmm. I have two cats and I don’t think I’m very much like them but let’s see…
    1. We both love to sit and look out the window.
    2. Both like being close to house plants (unfortunately. My poor geranium is covered in cat hair, but doesn’t seem to mind 😂).
    3. Cinder and I both take refuge in the bedroom and occasionally just need a snuggle (as in a cat snuggle XP)
    4. Cinder only meows when she has a toy that she really loves, or if she’s really lonely. I don’t go on many talking rants unless a subject I love comes up, then I get very excited 😆

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  4. Aww!! You have sugar gliders!? That is so cool! 😀 I have always wanted to get a sugar glider lol! (it seems like I would relate to them a lot as well haha!)
    I loved this post! ^^
    I hope you have a great day!

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  5. Ways I am like my Golden Retriever
    1.We can both be a little goofy,
    2.We both tend to get a bit over excited about little things,
    3.We both have a tendency to over exaggerate things.
    4.Going on walks is one of our favorite things to do.
    5.Neither of us like to sit still for very long!
    6.My favorite color is yellow and he’s yellow! 💛

    There’s a few!😆🤣🤣

    This was a very fun post! I enjoyed it!🤗

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