Why I’m Growing Out My Pixie Cut

November 2021 I decided that I wanted a haircut. I was somewhat nervous about this choice because the last time I had done anything with my hair was when I was eleven. I got a really short bob with bangs. It was hideous, but at the time I thought the bangs were the best.

Learn from me, bangs cut straight across your forehead are…I don’t have the words to describe them.

In any case, my hair was plaguing me. It was thin, straggly and I just hated every bit of it. Never one to do things halfway, I decided that it would be brilliant to chop it all off and get a pixie.

But there was another reason besides me wanting a change after seven years of the same hair (please note that I never, ever styled my hair or did anything to it. I also avoided putting it up into a ponytail or braid because (1 it just reminded me of how thin and small it was and (2 it made my head look tiny and the rest of me look disproportionately large XD).

The second, smaller reason was that I was annoyed by all of the conservative homeschoolers who said that girls having short hair was sinful. I’d show them!

I got my pixie and honestly, I didn’t miss my long hair one bit. Short was so much easier to wash, so much easier to keep clean and I barely had to brush it before going out the door. What luck! I thought I’d keep that hairstyle for years.

I got it cut several times afterward because apparently, my hair grows fast. The first cut was beautiful and very feminine, but the next several were very, very short and much more masculine. I still didn’t care because hahaha no one would ever think that I was a boy because I have a very feminine body. (Except that one horrible time at an Indian restaurant when I got mistaken for a boy and when the waiter realized his mistake he was probably just as embarrassed as I was…)

Then, last summer, we got a new, young employee at work and I was showing her around when she asked for my pronouns.


There was an awkward moment of scrambling for something to say and then a whole lot of thinking later.

Yes, I get that it is typical to ask pronouns now no matter how a person looks. You just can never tell nowadays and everyone is terrified of offending someone else. Better be on the safe side, right?

But it got me thinking. Was my hair accidentally sending a message that I didn’t want it to send? Was my pixie subtly hinting that I was either lesbian or transgender?


Because that is not what I wanted to say at all. I am not either.

I began to miss my long hair. I missed that expression of being a woman. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying at all that you aren’t a woman if you have short hair. Pixies are beautiful and I love them. But for me, in this day and age, I can’t keep it anymore.

I want all of me to stand for traditional womanhood. I want the world to see that it is a beautiful thing to be a woman and to have a husband and a home and a family (even though I’m not married, I’ve seen my parents’ example).

If growing my hair out is a step in that direction, so be it.


Your thoughts? What ways do you think that we can live in this world, love the people like Jesus but not become part of it?

22 thoughts on “Why I’m Growing Out My Pixie Cut

  1. I admire you, Hattush, for doing this. In hindsight, a nonbeliever might think your motivation for doing so is extreme or unnecessary. But as it says in James 4:17, if God impressed upon your heart to do something that makes you seem weird and inconspicuous yet is by His will, go for it, sister! ♥

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  2. oh my word this…. this hit me really hard. i’ve been reaching the same point with my pixie cut, and i’ve been trying to figure out what to do about it. thank you for this post— i needed this ❤

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  3. Yes! I love how easy short hair is and I think pixie cuts are adorable. But I read a verse- and I forget where- that said long hair is a woman’s glory. Since then I’ve felt best keeping my hair at about shoulder length. Praying God blesses your desire to honor and express Him! 💙

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  4. All of this. I feel the same way about shaving my legs. God gave me body hair, and I rather like it… but in this day and age, it doesn’t seem to come across as Christian loving what God gave her and comes more across as something I don’t want to say.

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  5. I have though about getting a pixie cut since I live in Florida and long hair is very hot in the summer, but since I can’t cut my hair till I’m 18, I decided against it, plus I like how it looks long😂
    I understand what you are saying, I don’t think it’s ungodly, but I would not want someone thinking I’m trying to go against God’s plans for me. And yes, long hair is gorgeous! I think your reasons are really good.

    I think we can easily live in this world, but not be of it. We don’t have to like everything people do and support it, we should not if we are following Christ. We can still love our neighbors and spread Jesus!

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    1. Yeeaaaah, ugh. Long hair in hot, humid summers is NOT fun. I’m glad you like your hair long, I always thought long hair is lovely. ❤
      EXACTLY! I don't believe having short hair is sinful, but I just don't want to portray the wrong things.
      *nods* It's so so hard to figure out how to live in the world and how to love everyone like Jesus without condoning sin and just saying, "Sure, do whatever you want! As long as it makes you happy!".

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  6. I love long hair…honestly the shortest I’ve ever done is shoulder length, and I missed my long hair. I definitely agree with what you’re saying about what people think about different hairstyles, and how it doesn’t really mean anything with God. I appreciate you standing up for traditional womanhood!

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