You Know You’ve Moved A Lot When…

I found this post that I made a couple years ago on moving. XD Even more true now!

Daughter of the Light

Your friends and family aren’t surprised when you announce another move and are always asking, “Hey, where are you moving next?Picture1.png

You’re a pro at packing and unpacking.

You can’t believe it when people talk about growing up in ONE house and rarely leaving the state.

You move instead of taking vacations.

Your online shopping “Ship To” list has a lot of different addresses in several different states and cities.

You don’t understand it when people talk about being homesick after just being gone from their house for a couple days.

“Where are you from?” is an awkward question.

You’ve stopped getting attached to your house, town and state.

Home is just “that place I live for now”.

Being social and having friends can be challenging….depending on your personality.

Your family car feels like your second home.

You’re great at entertaining yourself during long road trips.

You get crazy excited…

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