36 thoughts on “My Photography

  1. Hey can you recommend any 1080p cameras for photography with settings like shutter speed and ios, aperature, exposure and f stop
    That are cheap like under 100 dollars, if there is a bit over 100 no problem, thanks

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    1. Hey! I meant to get back to you yesterday! Sorry. Okay, so I don’t do video at all, and my only experience with cameras are the Nikon D80 and now my Fugi-XT1. Both of which I got off of Ebay for a pretty reasonable price. If you check there, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something. Maybe not under $100, though.


    1. Thanks! For the portrait picture at the top, I had my sister stand in front of a black backdrop that I had put up beside a window. That way I could get the completely black background, but still have good light on her. For the fire picture, it was night out, and when I exposed for the fire, obviously the background became completely black.


        1. So I had the backdrop on the wall and the window was on the right side of that on the other wall. For the black, we just used a big chunk of black fabric from the craft store and pinned it up to the wall. It works amazingly well and looks awesome.
          Exposed is a photography term. It’s when you change your settings to get the look that you want (i.e. your shutter speed, ISO, etc)


          1. Oh ok, I’m just starting of do you have any tips, I only got one picture that I like so far, and um could you make a dark background in the picture and the bit you focus on normal, if so what settings should I use, I’ve messed around with the settings a bit no too much tho also do I change the aperture or the f stop (is that the same?) To make the background blurry?

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            1. Okay, cool! That’s awesome. Photography can be really rewarding. I wrote a guest post talking about tips for beginner photographers. You can see it here
              My best advice to you is to study, talk to people and experiment with light and your settings.
              Getting dark background with your subject in normal light is hard unless you use a dark backdrop. For that portrait that I did, my settings were: shutter speed1/500 sec., aperture f/2.8 23mm, ISO 1250. You can really just experiment with your settings and see what looks you like best.
              To make the background blurry, you change your aperture. The smaller the number, the more isolated your area of focus will be (i.e. your background will be blurrier).
              Here is an article explaining f stop and aperture.


  2. You have a great eye for taking pictures that are captivating and breathtaking. Great pictures. My husband and I like to take pictures a lot! When we didn’t have a digital camera but paper photos it was always the question: “Do we take this photo or not? Will it just be wasted?….” So grateful for digital cameras, so much fun and lots of ability to experiment. Wishing you God’s richest blessings with your blog and reaching souls! Elfriede

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