The Grand Arrival of Hektor the Cute

Hey everyone! Sorry for the post drought here. I don’t really have an update on the move except that we are now in Florida, in an airbnb, waiting to find a house. The search is endless and exhausting. 😫😐

But that’s not what this post is about. As most of you know, I decided to get a fourth glider. The breeder happened to be driving through Jacksonville on vacation and offered to drop the little man off!!

He arrived on the 11th. My goodness, he is sweet. He is the gentlest, quietest glider I have ever had. I’m so excited to have a real caramel glider!! 😍

Yoveil and I put together a big list of names. She threw out all of the adorable ones that I loved, lol. After much deliberation, we decided on Hektor. It means steadfast. It is also one of the *sniffles * best characters in the Iliad. (Nerd over here. πŸ˜‚)

He’s only 11ish weeks old, so he’s still a baby, but man, he is big! He is going to be a huge glider when full grown!

4 thoughts on “The Grand Arrival of Hektor the Cute

  1. hbhvfhfdh HEKTOR IS THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST AND I LOVE HIM?? 😍πŸ₯Ί im so sorry about the move being so exhausting though, and fingers crossed you’re able to find an AMAZING place soon and you finally get to relax a little!!!!!!

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