Books, Books, & More Books

I love books so much. One of my favorite activities is to go to a bookstore and spend an hour just wandering around, breathing in the books, and seeing the beautiful covers. *heart eyes*

On our Texas trip, we stopped at a couple book stores. Then today we visited another one. Baruch hates them and has been deeply annoyed that we’ve been going to so many. XD I thought it was time to do another book haul! ENJOY!

I absolutely love The Hiding Place. It’s one book that I read every year. So when I saw this *coughs* pretty used copy for cheap, I knew I had to get it. *heart eyes*

I loved To Kill A Mockingbird and I’ve wanted to read the sequel for a while. Today Jehosheba and I stumbled across this very nice, hardcover, clean copy. Sure, it was $10 but I looked at the original sales price and it was $28. I’m quite pleased.

I read Peace Like A River in December and absolutely loved the story. Gotta have it in real book form! 😉

I’d wanted to read Dracula for a while and when I saw it for sale, I decided to get it. As you can tell, I’ve just finished reading it. The cover became sadly bent and the pages were rather destroyed while I went through it.

The Picture of Dorian Gray looks like such an intriguing story.

And, of course, Angela’s Ashes always comes up on lists of Must Read memoirs.I’m excited to get started with that!

I have the Three Musketeers, so I thought that when I finished that one, I might as well have book three in the series. Whoops, I guess I’d better get book two as well. XD

I really enjoyed the first three books of the Father Brown mysteries, so when I saw the complete series for like five dollars, I had to get it!

Books make me so happy, you guys. To read is to live. *heart eyes*


Have you read any of these books? Did you like them? What is your favorite genre?

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