Random Life Update: April 2023

April was insane. It was one of those months that you look back on and just shake your head at. As you know, we decided to move this month. It was part way through the month before we even knew where we were going and what to expect. To say that it has been a … Continue reading Random Life Update: April 2023

An Important Announcement & Reflections on Love and Pain

I have an announcement to make. A big one. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, I’m sure you can predict my next words. You’re probably just shaking your head and laughing. You’re correct, my friend. We are moving. Again. This time we’re off to Jacksonville, Florida. Even though Utah was supposed to … Continue reading An Important Announcement & Reflections on Love and Pain

Random Life Update: March 2022

March was an interesting month. *shrugs* Not as bad as February, but it had elements that made it very hard to enjoy. One in particular. *looks towards my sugar glider cage* Back in December, I came up with a brilliant idea to challenge myself and do hard things. My plan was to do one hard … Continue reading Random Life Update: March 2022

Farewell, Sweet Creature

If you read my last post here, you know that my sugar glider Dreamer was very sick. She ended up having surgery to remove the poop stuck in her colon. She wasn’t expected to survive the surgery because she was so small and it was so invasive. When they took her in, I prayed that … Continue reading Farewell, Sweet Creature