84 thoughts on “More Cool Blogs

  1. Hey Eesh here, remember me? We swapped with my bright light shine button, I opened a second blog, It is of designing where I’ll design many things like I can design blog button, sign off, blog makeover and anything of wordpress and other than wordpress it’s 100% free and just u have credit me after I design, Should I design something for you? ANYTHING like wallpaper and all?
    Please follow that and reblog my first post of second blog and if you wanna swap with my blog button of second blog just comment in that section please.

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    1. Hey Eesh, that’s awesome that you’ve made a second blog! Designing stuff is great. I don’t need anything done right now, but I’d love to swap blog buttons with the second one. I’ll comment over there in a sec.


  2. Hello! I’ve updated my button since we last swapped! It’s up on my ‘blog buttons’ page if you wanna go check it out and update my button on your page. Thank you!

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  3. Hey Hattush! It’s Hannah from Once Upon A Book. Would you mind to update my blog button? BTW, some how my computer completely un-followed you, so I completely forgot to check up on your blog recently, *darn forgetful brain* I apologize! I feel like I’ve missed so much! 😭

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    1. Hey Hannah! Sure, I’d love to update it! Could you send me the link to your blog button?
      Haha, don’t worry about it! It’s happened to me before. 🙂


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