Relatable Introvert Memes

Hi guys, I’ve been wanting to avoid people lately. I recently got curtains put in my room and I’m dreaming of closing them, closing my door, turning on my red light, wrapping myself in my weighted blanket with a cup of tea and my music, and just staying there for the next year. Doesn’t that sound glorious? Since I can’t do that (SADLY) I did the next best thing – put on my headphones and looked for relatable introvert memes.


YES YES YES. Texting is the best thing ever. I HATE answering the phone because AHHH why is someone calling unexpectedly and what if they’re going to ask a million questions that I have no answers to or what if they’re going to give me really bad news and all they’ll get on their side is SILENCE from me when they really need comfort.

Not that I go to parties or anything, but any social gatherings *NODS*. I spend all day mentally preparing, going through pre-planned speeches to most common questions and wishing that I didn’t have to go.

Totally get that, girl. Totally. I always hold out hope until the very last minute that something will happen and I won’t have to socialize.


“I have plans”. Yep. Plans to be by myself forever. I’d love that…

Not that this has actually happened, but I’m absolutely terrified it’s going to with one of my co-workers. They shop at Costco. We shop at Costco. It’d be such a disaster.


Again, not that I have anyone who is coming over but if it was to happen! Oh the horrors…

It’s true…

Elevators are incubators for awkwardness.

Man, I just did this to one of my friends. She texted once. I opened it and didn’t have any energy to respond. She texted again. I opened it, felt guilty about the two texts, and didn’t respond. She texted again… *faceplant*

I have mentioned my great dislike and disdain for phone calls, haven’t I? Unexpected ones, that is. If I have a scheduled call with a friend and if I have about five days to mentally prepare for it, I’m somewhat okay and I always end up enjoying it. But call me out of the blue and there is absolutely positively no chance that I’m going to answer.

TOTALLY. If I have to order anything myself, I first have a mini heart attack, then I spend forever rehearsing what I’m going to say (“I’ll have the burger. Please. Thank you. Everything on it is fine. Thank you. BYYYYYE”) and then I forget it all in The Moment of Terror and stutter out something unintelligible and end up just pointing to what I want on the menu. And, of course, half the time they happen to be out of what I want, so I have to scramble back to the menu with everyone staring and try to find something cheap to order because AHHH the pressure.

I’m 19, and this is really not a wonderful start to adulthood…


Me: pretends to look busy when I see anyone approaching. If that doesn’t work, turns and runs away. XD

^^ What I want to do. Instead I have to go put on my horrible uncomfortable real clothes and go to work. 😭😭😭😭 Someone please tell me that everything gets easier and less awkward with age. I don’t want to always be stuck like this WAAAA. I’m holding out hope that I’ll magically wake up one day and find that I’m an extrovert.

Are these memes relatable to you? Are you introverted or extroverted? Favorite introverted activity? (Mine is reading. I could stay inside and happily read for the next seven years and never step foot outside except to go for daily walks. That’d be the life.)


19 thoughts on “Relatable Introvert Memes

  1. Why do I relate to ALL of these?
    I also enjoy reading. I could also read for the next seven years and never step foot outside…

    Suddenly, the fact that my favorite fairytale is Rapunzel makes so much more sense…it’s not that I want to marry a prince and live happily ever after, but I want to be locked in a tower and read and paint and all that. πŸ˜‚

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      1. I was more of an extrovert up until about 2021. That’s when I started getting more introverted. I get more introverted as time goes on, which is weird. XD
        *shudders* Lots of friends, none your friends, no idea who they are or what they’ll say or do or if you have to introduce yourself… and then I wonder how I used to make irl friends cuz I have definitely forgotten lol.

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        1. Man, that’s facinating. The same things happened with Jehosheba. She used to be more extroverted and then recently she’s just started not wanting to be around strangers at all.
          *nods* I totally get that. Irl friends are hard to find and keep….


          1. LOL I can totally picture that w/ J….
            For me, I think it was a mix of loss in 2020/2021 and the unfortunate pandemic getting me used to what “alone” really feels like… and sometimes it’s better than I gave it credit for.
            For sure! Though arguments with online friends are scarier cuz they can block you…. *shudders*

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