To Sacramento – And Beyond!

Hey everyone! Here is the promised post about our trip to California. 🙂

So we decided to take a little trip to California. We’ve been there before, but we wanted to go to San Francisco, which was new for us. I was soooo excited. I absolutely love traveling. That is one thing that I will do no matter what. Yes, it can be stressful at times, but the fun and sightseeing far out ways the negative parts.

We left on Wednesday night after Daddy got home from work. We were out by six PM amazingly. Normally it takes forever to pack the car. Everyone is always forgetting something and dashing back inside to grab it.

We ate sandwiches and cheese puffs on the drive. It wasn’t terribly long. Three-ish hours to Elko, Nevada. Baruch, in honor of being in the state of evil, decided that he would gamble with candy. He, Nahum and Yoveil had a blast “gambling” for candy and gum.

Baruch: this is great!! I love gambling!!! We should do this every day!!

We spent the night in a hotel. (The water really tasted awful). Yoveil had fun putting temporary tattoos on her hands and Tiny’s. XD

The next morning we got up early(ish) and headed towards Sacramento, California. We stopped by the store to grab a massive pack of donuts which everyone happily devoured during the long, long drive. We listened to Adventures in Odyssey and I read The Count of Monte Cristo and listened to Dovid whine and wail about his dreadful lack of candy.

We had all, unfortunately, picked up a cold right before we left. So the van was filled with lots of sniffling and nose blowing in between emotional outbursts. Dovid had lots and lots of bursts. XD He cried at literally every tiny thing. *shakes head*

We stopped in Reno and walked around a bit. Baruch, who was very eager to get to our destination, threw a huge fit about it. He was somewhat soothed by the scones that we split, though. (We like to eat, if you hadn’t noticed…)

We got to Sacramento and headed for the California Museum. We spent a couple hours there. It was a quiet day near closing so we were pretty much the only people there. Baruch wasn’t pleased to see that the first exhibit was dedicated to women and all of the wonderful things that they had done. *nods* He kept walking around with a look of disgust on his face. :/

After the museum, we stopped by our favorite store – Trader Joes. Baruch (Mr. Food Lover) convinced my parents to buy a bunch of orange chicken and fried rice to be devoured at our airbnb. (Mama was extremely happy to see that they had a gas stove instead of the evil electric one we have at our house).

While we ate our food, we watched our (new favorite) show Survivor. (Anyone else here like it?) When it was finished, I curled up in bed to spend forever dreading the job interviews that I’d have to do when we got back home. XD I slept great – punctuated only by waking up a few times in the night to stare at the ceiling and worry about the future. XD

Day Three of vacation started with us piling sleepily into the van and heading for San Francisco. An hour and a half down the road we were stopped.

We have had two vans that have loved to destroy vacation plans by breaking down at the worst possible times. We affectionately say that it is a vacation tradition to have to stop for some sort of unexpected repairs upon our oh-so-reliable vehicle.

This trip was no different.

It wasn’t too long before we were back on the road, thankfully and had resumed our trip. I read and we listened to more AIO.

When we got there, we headed straight for the Japanese gardens. They were lovely! Dovid enjoyed the bridges – especially because he could walk over them himself and feel like such a big boy. 😉

After we left there, we headed to Japan Town. That was cool. We spent an hour or two walking around there. Sampling food (of course!) and looking in shops (and getting more candy…hey, vacations are time to indulge in all of the unhealthy but so delicious foods….).

Then we walked around a little food hall. I love food halls. It is so fun to walk around and look at all the different foods and things for sale. This particular one even had a whole section dedicated to mushrooms. We split some bread and then walked to China Town.

We spent a few hours walking around there. Up and down hills. Splitting more foods. Most of them were really good, but I have to say that I wasn’t a fan of the chicken feet…Dovid loved them, though, and kept begging for more. XD

Our last stop was Little Italy. Baruch was very tired and his feet hurt by that time. He kept up a constant stream of complaints.

“This place stinks. It’s San Franstinktown! I’m tired. Are we almost done?”

He perked up when we stopped by a bakery and split some canolis. He was even more excited when we stopped by a gelato place, but his hopes were dashed when he realized that eight people were splitting two small(ish) bowls…and that he would have to share a spoon with Nahum. XD He (and Nahum) were much relieved when Daddy came to the rescue with extra spoons.

We got back to the van and everyone was tired and hungry (all of the walking made the food irrelevant). We started driving and the Van Plague returned. All the way back to the airbnb, poor Daddy was struggling against the van. Thankfully, we made it back – just barely. We all relaxed with sandwiches and the movie Up.

Day Four. We planned to spend the whole day looking around Sacramento. We started the day by visiting a farmer’s market. I love markets and festivals. The people, the food, all of the adorable dogs, the music. It’s all great. We spent an hour or so just walking around and looking at various things. We got some amazing fruit as well as delicious mint. *licks lips*

We headed to Old Sacramento. It was…really cool. It had such a fun, festive, old feel! We walked around there (in the very hot, very boiling sun) for hours. Baruch was very pleased to see that there were numerous candy stores along the way. We got some taffy. I made the mistake of trying the maple bacon flavor which tasted just like soy sauce. *gags* We visited a museum there, but certain people were rather too hot, hungry and thirsty to see much of what the place contained.

We got some very late lunch at In-n-Out burger. Fries are delicious.

Then it was off to an art museum (much to Baruch’s dismay). They were near closing when we got there, so we didn’t get to see much. But man, there were so many lovely paintings there!! Not all the ugly (pardon me) modern stuff, but actually beautiful works of art.

Our last stop of the day was the rose gardens near the museum. They were very crowded with people getting prom pictures taken. Baruch and I had fun talking about how uncomfortable all of the dresses looked. XD And how he would NEVER EVER want to wear anything so shiny or sparkly. XD

We got some pizza and ice cream from Costco and settled in for more Survivor episodes.

Day Five. The last day of vacation had come and I was not looking forward to going home (especially to face my dreaded interviews). We got donuts for breakfast and spent hours and hours driving towards Utah and listening to AIO. And reading. I’d brought along a bunch of birth books that I was planning on making good progress on but instead didn’t open them and re-read Red Rock Mysteries. XD Plans fail sadly….

We stopped at a little park half way through the drive. I took advantage of the time to walk around in circles…for over an hour…but hey, at least I kept my 2+ month exercising streak going. XD It was boiling hot and the sun had no pity on me.

We had some sandwiches for supper. Got home just before 12 AM. I was happy to see my glider babies again, but not at all happy to be back home.

That was our lovely little vacation! We got to see a lot, try a lot of different foods and make awesome family memories together. ❤


Have you been to Sacramento? San Francisco? Favorite vacation memories?

7 thoughts on “To Sacramento – And Beyond!

  1. Whoo, girl, that must’ve been one vacation…LOL!! Haha, I love all the comments about your siblings…Little siblings…XD Sampling food…Yup. Yup. And I’m with you on modern “art”!! Ugh, it’s disgusting. It makes no sense. There’s no such thing as “trying to perceive how ze artist felt as they crafted ze masterpiece.”
    *coughs* But again, the vacation did sound fun!

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      1. I perceive adorable but sometimes extreme, as little siblings tend to be…XD
        Right?? Shows the decline of our society…and a repeating of history, too. *sighs*

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  2. Sounds like vacal was fun. I always feel bad for your Dad with automotive issues but I don’t know of anyone who you’d be better off with.

    Hmmmm. Cali. Sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But not because of the chicken feet. We had a friend in Japan who invited us to Chinatown for chicken feet. They were delicious! It’s the sauce, I’m sure. Her family owned most of the land that Chinatown was on so they mostly collected rent. Can’t imagine how many millions. She was part of a group of mothers who gathered at the school weekly to pray for us teachers of their children. A tremendous encouragement!

    G’ma and I went to San Diego… hmmmm … actually I have some graduate credits from U san Diego. Anyway we were there because I was an Iowa delegate to the national education association. We saw my Aunt Edith and Uncle Ted. Irrelevant, but we called her Aunt Runt. Probably had something to do with my Mom’s childhood rivalry that we knew nothing about. Other than flying in and out of Cali en route to Asia, we only went there once after that. I had a Japanese student who was having great difficulty adjusting to college life so G’ma and I flew 2days, were there 2days and had a 2day return trio to Doha. For such a state with so much natural beauty it’s too bad there are so many whackos there. Oh yeah, we did fly out there once when your Mom lived there. Got to see the original Blue Boy painting at a library

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  3. So, how do little brothers actually gamble for sweets? Perhaps they’re related to Gram? Her Bingo! Winnings used to be quite the motivator, not to mention the initiator of braggadocio. Last week when we saw her she claimed that she doesn’t like candy any more. Her mind is still quite sharp, as can be her tongue. I really feel for G’ma. She could have used a lot of support and encouragement. For the past year my arms have been pretty beaten up. The Cardio Cowboys in Des Moines seemed to have had their own version of Bingo! going. Here’s a safety tip: Go to Mayo. While anesthetized, CC-boys thought, “Hey, let’s just slap a pacemaker in this old dude!” I reckon they figured that insurance would pay and they could all just yell, “Bingo!” and “Next!” Cousin Jake thinks that in the future, they’ll routinely slap pacemakers in just about everyone when they reach the ripe young age your parents are now.

    So, tell me please, exactly what is it that you do when you go to work each day? What do you like and what do you dislike about the job? Do you work with others your age? Do you do some counseling? Physical exams, prescribe therapies? Is the job what you thought it would be like? Do you have any confidentiality codes?

    Oh, I was going to say that since they put me on 3 blood thinners, my arms, mostly, but also my legs have been a series of contusions, bruises and various colored pigmented and pigmentless patches. Not to mention shriveled and scarred. I figure it’s a part of the age and stage of life for septuagenarians and who am I wanting to impress anyway. G’ma is very kind and never disses me about it. Got any suggestions?

    3 a. m. and it’s raining softly. I’m disinclined from going out in the rain and splashing around in it. G’nite Sweet dreams Love G’pa.

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    1. Well, they decided that they would all put a piece of candy into The Pile and then they did rock paper scissors three times. Whoever won got the whole pile. That was basically it. Aw, I miss G. Grandma. ❤ She doesn't like candy anymore?? Is it just a phase?
      Oo. Doesn't sound good. 😦
      Well, right now at work I'm just shadowing people. Not sure how much longer that'll go on. But basically we just help shower and feed and care for six women. Nope, I am the youngest and newest person there. Everyone else is middle aged (with one exception) and they've worked there for a looooong time. Nope, nope and nope. I don't do any of those yet, though that may come in the future. We'll see. It is not the job that I thought I was going to get. I was realllllly surprised when they asked me to work. But apparently they are in desperate need of help and the new people keep quitting after a couple days because it is overwhelming for them.
      Ah, that stinks. 😦 But we love you no matter how you look. (and I don't think you need to be improved looks wise)


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