Random Life Update: May 2022

I just finished looking through my blog at the past Random Life Update: May posts from the last two years. *dabs eyes* Life was so different. Don’t get me wrong, I am very pleased with the direction that my life has taken and I don’t really want to go back to where it was in the past. But I do miss things and there is a little part of me that will always want to go back to the past.

Because the past is predictable. I already know what happened, so if I went back, I wouldn’t have to worry about an unknown future. And that would be amazing.

But. That can’t happen so there is no use wishing for it. Instead, today I will be sharing with you how the month of May 2022 went. That way, in future years when I’m old and achy, I’ll be able to look back fondly on the days of my youth. πŸ˜‰ 😜

We began the month with CPR & babysitting classes. Jehosheba and Nahum had signed up for the babysitting class and forgotten (mostly) about it. We decided to make it a family fun day out. We dropped J & N off at the class and then the rest of us headed out for coffee to warm our frozen extremities.

After coffee (Dovid kept drinking mine), we walked around a little market. Yoveil and Dovid both got their faces painted. Dovid’s was ADORABLE until he decided that he wanted a drink at the water fountain. Then his spider smeared and it just looked like he had a giant black blob on his cheek. 😁

(She was saying that this rock looked like the kid from Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

We also went for a lovely hike, got Mexican food, and then it was time for me to do my infant CPR class…which was very short…and I was the only non-pregnant/non-new parent there. Which felt very awkward. πŸ˜† But hey, at least the teacher was hilarious and kept making jokes. She was the one who taught the babysitting class and she kept saying, “Your siblings were just so well behaved! They were just so amazing! I wish all kids were like them! They were just so…respectful and they LISTENED!”

I also got a blow-up CPR doll that Baruch wanted desperately. No doubt to do horrible experiments on the poor helpless plastic creature.

After the classes had finished, we headed out to the beautiful Antilope Island. We saw BUFFALO. Wild buffalo just hanging out. The scenery was incredibly beautiful. We found a little mile hike and decided that it would be a perfect time for a walk.

We stepped out of the van and were immediately attacked by swarming bugs. Baruch, who has a terrible fear of bugs, was shrieking and refusing to leave the car. But since the bugs were coming in anyway, he didn’t really have a choice. He kept shrieking and screaming and covering as much of his skin as possible. I thought it was hilarious…until the bugs got me. Then it wasn’t quite so funny…

^^ A lovely picture of Dovid, Jehosheba, and I all scratching at the awful bugs. XD Nahum and I couldn’t resist stealing Baruch’s protective hat…which made him furious and we were quickly in a running contest for the hat. XD We found, though, that the awful bugs wouldn’t stick with you if you were dashing down the path at a breakneck speed. πŸ˜‚

We did some school, though not a lot this month. I taught the little kids. I love them so much. They are just the cutest little things ever.

Me: Yoveil, you have to promise me that you will never, ever grow up and that you will always stay cute and tiny.

Yoveil, with very sad eyes: I’m sorry, Hada, I have to grow up. I can’t help it. I don’t want to grow up, either, but it has to happen.

Me: Well, promise that you’ll always stay cute.

Yoveil: I will try as much as I can, Hada.

Me, to Dovid: Never grow up, okay?

Dovid: I’m growing up, Hada!! Look how big I am!

Dovid, after he ate a large meal: Hada, my tummy is growing up!


One grocery day we decided to spend the whole morning/afternoon in town. We started out the day with delicious bagels and a walk around an adorable little shopping village type thingy.

Then we went to a game cafe. They had tons of games that you could play for free (on weekdays) as well as huge burgers and other stuff. We got some sodas and snacks and had fun playing King of Tokyo.

For Mother’s Day, Daddy made delicious crepes with a special cardamom sauce and whipped cream. They were DELICIOUS.

We hung out in the morning, went out for Indian at lunch and played games & watched Call the Midwife that night. I’m thankful for my awesome mom. ❀

I started job hunting. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 It’s not that I don’t want to work. I just…uh, don’t really want to work around strangers or humans in general…

Mama and I applied for a bunch of jobs and I got my first interview for a bakery position at the grocery store. I was…so nervous. SO NERVOUS. I spent a couple hours looking at Most Frequently Asked Job Interview Question lists and practicing answers in front of the mirror – knowing full well that my mind would blank at the moment I needed it most and I’d never be able to remember my perfectly crafted answers. XD

In any case, I went to my interview, and…it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was much shorter, too, which was pleasing to me. My favorite part was the end when I was triumphantly dashing out of the building. πŸ˜‚

Me nervously pacing around my room waiting to get in the car for the interview

The day of my interview, we set out for a short trip to California! I was absolutely thrilled because I love trips and vacations so much. I will do a whole different post about it later because it is too long to include here. But it was an awesome vacation and I was very unhappy to come back home.

Especially because I had more interviews set up.

My next interview was to work at a group home for mentally disabled women. I was waaaay more nervous about that interview and Mommy had to practically drag me to the door. πŸ˜‚ But everyone was so sweet and nice and the interview was SO much better than the last one. πŸ˜„

The next day, I got a call that said they would love to hire me and that I could start June second!

Which was amazing.

And terrifying.

And really neat.

And more terrifying.

Let’s just say that the next week I spent on a rollercoaster. Thinking about how nice it would be to have my own work and to be doing something useful. And then quivering under my blankets because how in the world am I supposed to actually work and I don’t know if I am qualified and can’t I just please go back to being a little kid because trying to figure out the next steps of life isn’t fun and I don’t want to do it. πŸ˜‚ And being excited because the work will be meaningful. And being miserable because I’ll miss my family so much. 😭😭😭

We also spent a long time during May looking at various places in the world to go on a big, overseas vacation. That was really fun. I love seeing different parts of the globe – even if it is through video – and knowing that one day I’ll be there!!! We booked tickets for later this year and ahhh I am very excited about that.

We did a bunch of spring cleaning. For rewards. The rewards gave the little people incentive. We spent a couple days doing that. It was actually really enjoyable. One of my jobs was to get as many book boxes as I could reach from the garage and unpack them on our shiny new bookshelves. I found six or so that I could actually reach (the others were buried in places that my short arms couldn’t get). Let me say that dragging them up the stairs was not fun and Baruch found me leaning over said boxes gasping for precious oxygen at the end. πŸ˜‚

We also got snow. Yes, that was random. But the weather has been insane here. In the space of a few hours, it can go from cold, freezing rain to boiling hot sun. 😡

One weekend there was the Living Traditions Festival that we decided to visit. It was really cool. There were a lot of countries represented there. Plus tons of delicious food (with very long lines), lots of little stuff being sold and music & dancing. I loved the whole atmosphere and it was so much fun to hang out there as a family. We went twice and got some delicious food and enjoyed a lot of unique, fun experiences. πŸ™‚

(A very flattering picture of all of us…at least Jehosheba looks contemplative and cool…)

The last big thing that happened this month was…terrifying to me. 😢 But very good. For a while, Mama, Jehosheba and I had talked about me telling my younger siblings about my previous struggle with self harm and me starting to wear short sleeves again. We planned for months, talking about it and trying to figure out if it would be the right thing to do or not. I prayed a lot and was…terrified a lot. 😊 But I felt God saying that it was time. Plus, this year my goal was to try to do the things I knew I needed to and not to let fear hold me back.

So on the chosen day, we all got together and I told everyone. It wasn’t an easy morning for anyone, but I am so thankful that I did it. I’m thankful for the support of my family and I’m thankful that they love me despite the past. ❀

We big people (aka Daddy, Mommy, Jehosheba, and I) all took the littles out for dates over the next couple of days so that we could talk with them about IT and just have some time together. ❀ That was really nice.

And man, I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to wear short sleeves for the first time in over 3 1/2 years. πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

So yeah, it was a good month. A lot of things happened that I wasn’t expecting at all – looking for a job, getting a job, etc. XD But I am thankful for this month and looking forward to summer and what God has in store.

You know, this month, God taught me a lot. There were so many times when I sat in my room curled up saying, “I CAN’T, I CAN’T, I CAN’T!!!!” – before my interviews, before telling my siblings what I used to do, etc.

And God said, “You don’t have a choice anymore. But I’m here with you and you’re going to do it.”

And somehow, I did it. God gave me the strength to get through things that I felt were impossible. That gives me the courage and hope that I’ll be able to do well at my job and at figuring out how to set up a doula business and all the other stuff that seems so impossibly hard right now. 😊


What was your May like? Do you have annoying bugs near you? What hard things are you doing this summer? How was your mother’s day? Let’s talk!

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  1. It’s so encouraging to read how the Lord helped you through so many hard things this month! Growing up and all the things that come along with it is not always fun, but I’m so glad that God gives us the strength to get through it. Thank you for sharing! ❀

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