17 thoughts on “Recaping 2022 Goals + 2023 Goals

  1. I love the look of those bobba teas you guys are drinking! I don’t particularly care for them myself. But I love their smells and the looks😂
    That’s great that you are getting more comfortable in your own skin. And over time the scars will serve as a reminder of how you grew closer to God, and a challenge He helped you overcome. (ikr? sun on the arms feels awesome)
    I have been trying to reach the same exercise goal. I am walking/jogging though, around our 20 acre hay field twice a day though. And plus other activities I do😂
    Chew Well?😂 I’m confused at that one, haha.
    Those new goals are great! I’m sure you can get them done!
    BTW, I love those glider things you made, I looked at the site and I wish I had a glider to give them too😍

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    1. WHAT HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE BOBBA?!!!! That’s a great tragity…
      Yes. ❤ I'm thankful that he's already showing me that the scars are yes, a product of sin, but also that he can use them for good.
      Oh nice! Ahhh that's awesome that you have such a big area to exercise in. It must be nice! *heart eyes*
      Okay, so I read this whole book on how chewing poorly affects so much of your body and how many sicknesses and pains you can fix by simply chewing your food well. XD
      Thanks!! I love making them!

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        1. That’s tragic….
          For sure, lol. I enjoy walking because it’s a little break from my choatic house. XD
          Yeah, chewing too quickly and because of that not getting the food broken down into small enough bits and properly combined with *coughs* spit. XD Gross but facinating.


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