Random Life Update: February 2022

*crawls to the computer and begins to type while falling asleep*

I can’t remember much of what we did in February. This is where journals come in very helpful. It’s amazing how quickly the human mind forgets the mundane, very boring days in between the ones filled with excitement or fear.

The month started off with a Daddy Daughter Dance. Daddy, Jehosheba, Yoveil, and I went fully intending to do no dancing. None of us are the type of people who would willingly stand in front of other humans and move our bodies to strange music. Nope. If someone wanted to torcher me, that would be a brilliant option for them.

The DDD turned out to be quite nice. They had a full range of delicious desserts as well as hot cocoa and a lemonade bar (a strange combination but so good). There were a lot of little girls and their grown-up dads dancing. That was very amusing to watch.

There were also cockroach races.

And I may have gone down a slide that felt like it lasted much longer than five seconds. Don’t ask.

All in all, it was a really fun, special night.

This month I started walking on the treadmill again because it was too cold to take walks outside. And I came to realize a very important thing. For the past eighteen years, I have not had great balance. So last year, when I was running, I tended to favor one leg and use it heavily, and then when it started to hurt I’d switch to the other. Hence the extra strain put on one leg landed me in a boot. :/ So while I was speed walking, I started to work on balancing myself and using both legs equally.

And I’ve been amazed. After only a month of intentionally working on balance, there’s a huge difference in my everyday life. When I walk around the house or in public or any such thing, I don’t feel like I’m going to fall to one side or run into something or stumble. I can’t tell you how very nice it is to finally feel stable and balanced!! It’s amazing. So yeah, that was exciting.

Other than that…*searches my brain because I’m too lazy to find my journal* I did quite a bit of writing. Got a lot done on a novel (which I hate) and a fairy tale retelling (which I like more) and some blog posts (which I struggle to find pleasing).

Headaches also visited me nearly every day and had a ball banging on the inside of my brain. 😑 Very fun.

Oh. Right. For Daddy’s birthday, we gave him four themed food nights. (We did that last year with Lord of the Rings themed). We were going to do War and Peace with a lot of amazing Russian food.

We watched the first two episodes of the series…and realized that we had no desire to subject our eyes to such lovely content. 😐 Thank you O World that enjoys celebrating all vices.

We had some delicious Russian food that night, though. I shall not attempt to recall the names.

After that, we were at a loss for what to watch while we devoured our delicacies. We ended up choosing Return to the Hiding Place. Very sad. I was weeping into my borscht. Actually, I don’t cry at movies, but my heart was crying, I think.

Other than that, I studied Latin, read a lot of books, studied the driving handbook (hurrah), and wasted a lot of time doing nothing but staring at the mountains. February was far from being the greatest month of my life. 😐

So much for 2022 being a productive year.

I may or may not be in a mood at the writing of this post. Forgive me, future self, for staining your honor.


How was your February? Let’s talk in the comments about random subjects. *nods*

3 thoughts on “Random Life Update: February 2022

  1. Thanks for writing even though February is largely a month in preparation for May when we can count on being outside.
    Valentine’s Day may or may not counterbalance the drudgery of frigid days. Glad you could swarm Daddy at the Daddy-Daughter Dance. You’re a fortunately blessed and treasured one. Keep writing!

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