LOTR Inspired Food Fun

Hey guys! I’m not doing a Valentine’s Day post, in case you were wondering. Nope, I’m talking about something much better – FOOD & LOTR. πŸ˜‚

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aka me XD XD

I mentioned in my last Random Life Update, that for Daddy’s birthday, we bought him the Hobbit/LOTR movies on DVD. Mama, as an add on to that gift, gave him certificates for six “Hobbit meals” (basically, big, huge meals with a theme relating back to LOTR). We had our last on on Friday. *SOBS* They were SO MUCH FUN, though! I wanted to show you the grand finale and what we did for it!

On Friday, we had planned to watch The Return of the King (the last LOTR movie😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ). Mama came up with the theme “volcano” (aka, Mount Doom) and “ring” for the final meal. What came out was sooo tasty and so much fun to make, look at and EAT! πŸ™‚

This bread spider was Shelob. Isn’t that great???! There’s little paper Frodo in front of her, waiting to get all wrapped up.

Jehosheba and Nahum made these trees. They’re so pretty. They were for the White Tree of Gondor. 😊

A pretzel RING around a bowl of cheese sauce (otherwise known as the raging fires of Mount Doom).

This was just extra bread, but it looked so pretty, lol. I think that’s a little paper GaladrielΒ sitting on it, too.

And this giant bread-volcano filled with delicious bacon sauce!!! SO FUN!

Jehosheba also made…ORC FINGERS! HAHA! Don’t those look disturbingly realistic??

For dessert, I made a cheese cake (uh, it was supposed to look like Sauron’s eye…the jelly and the chips. *nods*) and put that inside or a RING of German chocolate bread.

And that was our Lord of the Ring inspired meal! πŸ™‚ It was so much fun. πŸ™‚ I hope you guys enjoyed looking at the pictures. You definitely missed out on the food!


Have you ever done a LOTR inspired meal? Did the food look good? Have you ever done anything similar? What is your opinion on bread? Do you like cheesecake?

34 thoughts on “LOTR Inspired Food Fun

  1. Your meal looks delicious. Nice you all helped to make it come together. We will have to watch the movies to understand what everything is. Papa and I read the books when we were first married. Yes they have been around for a long time

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  2. OH MY WORD!! THIS IS AN AWESOME IDEA!!!!!!!!!! (looks SUPER yummy!!) I SO need to try this!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Great post!
    Have a wonderful day!!

    P.S. What do u think about a lotr b’day party? (you gave me ideas for food!! XD) (My b’day is later this year but it’s my 13th so I am thinking of ideas now XD) I have doubts (like everyone I know who loves lotr is a boy, youth pastor, my dad, and sister, so I have no idea about that…. I’m not inviting boys, but I am inviting my friend but she hasn’t seen lotr so…. I don’t know) (i need help! XD)

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  3. Ahhhhh I love how creative you guys got with all this LOTR-inspired food! πŸ’™πŸ’™ I’ve never had food inspired by a book series but I love the idea now! πŸ˜‚

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  4. That all looks soooo yummy!! We have a Hobbit meal every year, on Bilbo Baggins birthday! Always super fun to make! And look at! And especially eat XD. Sounded like a good birthday, tell him we all say happy birthday from MN!

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      1. Soups, we grill fish, have stuffed mushrooms, ect. Often we light fire works XD though it doesn’t end with us washing all the dishes lol, We have apple cider, (All of this happens outside by the way) and we do it all by a fire. Usually we dress up a bit, I usually go elvin-y, then we sing songs and just chill and talk and laugh till late into the night, we invite all of our friends and neighbors too (which we couldn’t this year, grr Covid) But its always a really fun time XD

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