Chronicles of a Chronic Mover

If there is one thing that I know a lot about, it is moving. When a person does something over and over again, there are bound to be mishaps, lessons and hilarious stories that happen along the way. So it is with moving in my life. *nods* Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy some of the more unique experiences that we’ve had. 😉

Grandparents, Pillows and Fleas

I was probably eight or nine, and we were living on a farm while Daddy did an internship there. We were in the stages of searching for our own home (which meant leaving our beloved RV). Naturally, we spent a ton of time visiting houses. My grandparents came down for a visit and so Grandpa, Grandma, Mama, Baruch and I went to check out some of the prospect living places with our realtor while everyone else stayed on the farm with Daddy.

 Everything was going great until we came to The House. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t in stunning condition and was incredibly dirty. At the time, I had this beloved pillow that I had made. I took it everywhere. I didn’t like the house and was hugging my pillow desperately for comfort. XD

A few minutes after we left, everyone started scratching. At first we thought that we had been bitten by chiggers. But then, to our utter horror, we saw tiny creatures jumping off of us and our car. We realized that they were….yes, they were fleas. I totally freaked out. I told Mommy that she needed to call the “person in charge of the house” and complain and then have the house thoroughly cleaned and us given some recompense for even going inside. XD

We didn’t really know what to do, but we went into a pet store and got a flee killer thing and then went back to the farm and took very long showers (not in our RV, of course). I reluctantly left my pillow in the car while Daddy put the flee killer inside. A little while later, we realized that the killer hadn’t worked. I really don’t remember how we got rid of them in the end, but I do remember happily hugging my (flee-less) pillow and realizing that I had great hatred for those tiny creatures.

Unpack, pack, unpack

I was eleven when we left Springfield, Missouri for another area of MO. We had a house, but were so eager to move that we moved in before everything was final. Even though it was a very chaotic time, we managed to unpack a lot of our stuff in the couple months before we realized that we weren’t actually able to buy the house. (I’m not exactly sure of what all happened…I was pretty young, but I should have paid closer attention).

Parents, reluctantly: guys, what do you think about moving again?

Me, very exhausted and worn out: DO WE HAVE TO?! I DON’T WANT TO MOVE AGAIN. *looked across the street at the sun setting beautifully over the peaceful cemetery and didn’t want to leave*

Me, a few days later: this is an adventure! Who else gets to stay in a great, big house for a tiny bit and then doesn’t have a clue what they’re going to do next!! This is fun!

(That was back in my stage of life were I wanted our car to break down in the middle of nowhere so that we could get stranded and have a “real adventure”).

We packed our boxes, put a bunch of stuff in storage and ended up staying in a friend’s basement for a month or so until we were able to find another house and move in there.

From KC to MN

When we left KC for MN, we had planned to take the trip in two days. The first day we would travel to Des Moines and meet up with Nana and Papa at an airbnb. Then we’d travel the rest of the way together.

It was a very hot day when we said goodbye to KC. Daddy was driving the U-Haul and pulling our trailer (in which my pet chickens rode) and Mama followed, driving the very packed van. We hadn’t gone terribly far before Mama noticed that something was falling off of one of the trailer tires. Lo and behold, the tire was seriously damaged (that trailer was incredibly old). We went to one tire shop, but they didn’t have the right kind. We finally made it to another tire place and got it fixed. We made it to the airbnb without further incident.

I love airbnb’s because it’s like getting a whole house to ourselves. Most of the ones that we’ve stayed at our very nice. This one wasn’t. The floors were terribly scratched and sunken in different places. I went to the bathroom and the nob fell off in my hand. XD But we got Chinese pizza (very unique flavor, people) and I realized that one of my chickens had died. *sobs* (I had three, and another died the next morning).

Portions of my journal tell what happened the next morning when we were getting ready to leave. (And yes, I may have overreacted slightly a lot).

We’re leaving. Oh man, I am glad to go! Daddy went out to get the remaining chicken out of the trailer so he could put it in Nana and Papa’s car. I was half watching from the window. A guy came up to Daddy. He walked with a limping/stumbling step. His cheeks looked rather hallow. He talked to Daddy for a couple seconds, then Daddy started walking quickly away from the man and down the street. The man walked up and down in front of the airbnb 3 or 4 times. Daddy did the same, on the other side of the street.

I thought, “Okay, that’s just weird.” I went to the bathroom and when I came back, the guy had stopped pacing and was walking down the street a little. He stopped at a house and sat down on the steps. He kept holding a bag and looking towards our airbnb. Daddy waited a couple minutes, then came inside. He said that the guy seemed really nervous and Daddy said he was holding his shirt in such a way that Daddy was afraid the guy might have a gun, and he was obviously drugged out.

Nana and Mommy were both really nervous. I watched the guy. He sat on the steps until someone walked by. He got up and paced around until the man left. Then he sat down again. I ran off to pack up my stuff. When I came back, Daddy said that the guy had been trying to get into our yard and even messing with our doors (thankfully Papa is always really good at locking them).

*coughs* That was certainly an interesting experience. We made it to MN with one or two other minor things, but we made it and that was enough. XD

There are more stories to tell but it’s really late at the moment of writing and I have school and babysitting tomorrow. (Plus, this post is already pretty long). 😉


Which story did you think was the funniest? Have you ever moved? Do you have any funny/scary/weird/interesting stories that involve moving?

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28 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Chronic Mover

  1. This is an awesome post Hattush! I’ve moved A TON in my lifetime. The longest I’ve ever lived in one place is four years. My family tent camped all around the West for TWO YEARS! At least I got a lot of good photography from it though, lol!

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      1. Um…no not really. It wasn’t for fun and we went through a lot of really rough stuff. Long story, haha! It had its bright spots though.😊

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  2. I loved reading this! I’ve heard some moving stories from your mama, but love to read some from your perspective. That one story with the guy sounded scary!! I thought it was funny how further up you wanted to stay….but then the next moment you’re ready for the next adventure!

    I’ve moved a few times throughout my life between neighboring towns, never far away though. One of the times as a teenager when I moved with my family to our new house across town, I was REALLY upset to be leaving my bedroom. I was distraught, actually. I wrote out this poem on the wall, something to the effect of those walls holding so many memories, tears…etc, and not to erase the words…yadda yadda. Basically poured my heart out on my closet wall. Found out later on that my dad had painted OVER my poem….that stung pretty hard for me. Moving isn’t easy for me, I’m not one that embraces change very well and I grow easily attached to things that hold memories for me. So that was a really hard move. I wish I had funny stories, but no moving time has had funny attached to it! I like to read YOUR stories of moving better!! lol

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    1. Thank you! ❤ Haha, yeah, I changed my mind a lot at that time. XD

      Ah man, that is a sad story. 😭*cries* I'm sorry.
      I know that Jehosheba always has had a lot harder time with moving than I have. I remember in KC, when we first moved there, she kissed the walls sadly, because she loved it but knew that we'd leave again. I think the only time she was happy about a move was when we left MN.


  3. Oh, yes. Moving. XD I loved reading this post and hearing your journal excerpts! But now I’m intrigued. I want to read all your journal entries from that trip!!!
    And NO! I had forgotten about kissing the walls goodbye. That’s um kind of embarrassing. *ahem* But yeah, moving sure is unique. Though I’m done for a while.

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    1. Ha! Never! XD The rest of that journal is nice and locked away. XD
      Haha, well, you were pretty young. It was understandable. Weren’t you like eight or nine when we moved there?


  4. These were all so interesting!
    Yes, I have moved. (of course) 😛 And, well I’m going to dig back in my brain for some interesting stories. Here we go. (And these are just going to be like random little snippets, not necessarily in order.)
    When we were moving to an apartment (I was about 3 or 4), we had to sell my bed, and I was crying about that. (Speaking of crying and NOT moving, when I was probably two or so, we were getting a new changing table 😶 and throwing away my old one. I was crying about that. 🙄 Ok, that’s embarrassing; let’s move on.)
    So, a few years ago, we were going to be moving to a place that we had just in the nick-of-time found (I think it was that one). Anyway, it was moving day, we had everything ready to go, and were anticipating the fun. Well, we ran into a glitch, where our mover dropped us at the last minute. Unable to change plans so quickly for the day, we had to hunker down again (we children were so disappointed, to say the least). We had to stay in the house for an extra night–impromptu! But the next morning, we were able to move.
    Ok, right now, I can’t think of any other noteworthy moving story. So, I better just stop there! (I hope you weren’t bored out of your wits while reading this.)

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    1. Thanks for sharing some moving stories! (I wasn’t bored, lol!) Man, I’d love to compile a book of strange/interesting/weird/funny stories from other people who’ve move a lot!


  5. Crazy, I have only moved three times in my life, the most exiting one was moving to MN, because it was December, it was a super hot day in Haiti, about 95 f then when we arrived in MN it was -15 f! it sure can get cold here.

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  6. Hey! (This is Kaley… Idk if this is from my mom’s account or mine because my computer is glitching now that I have three word press accounts on here…) I’ve only really moved once by choice. We went from a really big (to little me) house to a pretty small house. And I asked questions about everything! Will we have a fridge? A toilet? A bed? It was my first move. XD But when they told me they were bringing all that (minus the stuff already there) they asked if they should bring the twins. I said “Nah, but we can visit them!” XD Kinda glad we brought ’em. XD XD XD

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