Chronicles Of A Chronic Mover 2.0

Hey friends! We officially moved into our new house on October 2nd. *wipes forehead* since then we have been cleaning (lots of cleaning, unfortunately) and unpacking!

ANYWAY, moving is a perfect time for funny/weird/laughable things to happen. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy this segment of Chronicles of a Chronic Mover. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Amazingly, the drive down here went very well. Other moves def have not been easy, fun or as nice as this one. XD (Read Chronicles of a Chronic Mover 1.0 to see what I mean). Daddy, Nahum and Baruch rode in the U-Haul. The rest of us drove the van. We ate way too much candy, read stories and laughed. โค

And for the first time ever (the song For The First Time In Forever from Frozen just started playing in my mind) Jehosheba and I parted rooms and got our own. *weeps, bawls, is excited, doesn’t know what to feel* For all of our lives, we have either shared a room with our entire family (I was terrified to sleep in my own for a loooong time) or Jehosheba and I (and later Yoveil) shared a whole room. Now…I get one completely to myself and Jehosheba and Yoveil are sharing the other. It’s so strange….!!! I am looking forward to decorating & designing my space…and she is, too. She’ll be pleased that she can now hang up as many Skillet posters as she wants without me complaining. (In her defense, the Skillet poster that she has right now is really nice and I like it).

Most of our appliances run on gas, which was not hooked up when we arrived. It was a cold night and I missed having a stove. XD We had one little heater and all of us were huddling around it trying to get warm. LOL But they got it up and running on the 3rd, which was a big blessing.

My sugar glider food has to be frozen to keep it fresh. We packed all of our frozen foods into our huge freezer. On the night of the 2nd (wow, I sound like a news reporter about to report some great disaster) I realized that the freezer was still buried in the U-haul. So I was frantically searching through the fridge to find ANYTHING that I could use to feed my gliders for that one night. I eventually found one or two things that would work, and gave them their “monkey biscuits”. Come morning, I see that everything besides a very soggy monkey biscuit is gone. *shakes head* C’MON! They apparently hate their monkey biscuits (that I bought specifically for them because they have dental guard as well). *shakes head again*

Being a large family, we naturally have quite a bit of stuff. A lot of heavy stuff. Nahum, Jehosheba, Daddy and I moved most of it. Nahum was HILARIOUS during this process. We have a huge bookcase (huge as in reaches the ceiling tall and is pretty wide) that we have had since I was five or six years old (in other words, we’ve moved it A LOT of times). When we moved to Tennessee, we took the bookcase upstairs and had it there for a while. So of course we had to take it down again. Jehosheba and I were on one side, Nahum was in the middle and Daddy was on the other side. All the way down the stairs, Nahum was wailing about getting squished when the bookshelf slid down.

After that we had to move my very heavy/awkward stationary desk, the washer and the drier down the stairs. Each time….

Nahum: I’m going to die! We’re all going to die! It’s going to fall down and squish whoever is on the bottom!!

I won’t mention that I had images of this exact thing playing through my mind.

Nahum: I don’t wanna die! I’m too young!

We then had a discussion about what would happen to all of his things if he did get squished beneath the furniture. He was very unhappy to hear that we had to take very heavy things up the stairs in our new house.

Stairs really are a pain when it comes to heavy or awkward items.

Daddy, Nahum and I had just finished moving the washer up the stairs. Daddy was trying to get to through the small laundry room doorway and the detergent tray fell out of the washer. Baruch was standing beside me at the time and it landed a foot away from him.


He ran screaming down the stairs. XD XD

There are more stories, but I can’t think of them right now. Is that bad??? They’ll probably all flood my mind as soon as I hit “publish”. XD Life is annoying that way! XD


What are some funny stories from your moves? What is the best/worst part of moving?

19 thoughts on “Chronicles Of A Chronic Mover 2.0

  1. Wow! That was interesting to read. I have moved 6 times? I think… I don’t remember two of them cause I was really little (like 2 or 3). The furthest I have moved is across the state I live in (about 5 hours), so I have never moved to a different state. Funny moving story?
    Hmmm… I don’t know…
    I have a funny story that kind of goes with moving though…
    So we were in the process of switching all our stuff between house (5 hours apart), and we would stay at our grandparents house when we needed to be at our old house. It was kind of late when we left our new house to go to our old house, and my younger sister forgot her entire bakcpack of clothes and didn’t realize it until we were at our grandparents house. My other sister left the house without shoes (she had slippers on), and I forgot some clothing. lol. My mom had to go to a thrift store and by a whole bunch of stuff for us. XD
    I’m sure I have other moving stories, but I can’t think of them right now.
    Anyways, sorry for such a long comment!

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  2. I’m glad everything went well! And congratulations on getting your own room! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m sure you’re hoping to stay at that house for a while now.
    We’ve been living in this house for about 4(?) years now. (*Thinks about that fact* Wow! I think we’re coming up on this being the house we’ve lived in the longest! No wait, maybe we’ll have to reach five years in this house๐Ÿค”.) Annywaaay! Beside the point.
    When we first saw this house online, we were actually going to be looking that day at another house that we thought had massive potential. This one was just going to be thrown in at the end since we would be nearby. Turns out we looked at the other house, and ๐Ÿ˜ฆ… yeah, it wasn’t quite what we had thought. Dirty…small…grimy, ew! Ok, anyway, we swung by this house, pre-biased against it. But after looking at it in person, we really felt this was the one for us. It turns out that God worked it all out so that we could buy this place. (And I really like it! It’s just perfect for us!)

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    1. Hehe, yes, I am kind of hoping that we’ll stay here a while. I love my room! Sadly, this is a rental so we’ll probably only be here a year. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Wow! That’s big – living in a house for almost four years! That’s so neat that God worked it all out so that you could buy it! I love seeing God’s hand in moves!
      Eww….yeah. It’s SAD when houses that LOOK like they’re going to have so much potential turn out to be…disgusting.

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