The Menacing Blank Screen

I’ve started this blog post like five times. I keep erasing it because it isn’t going anywhere and I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT! (*coughs* Guess I’m not a terribly successful blogger…..XD) I have a bunch of half-finished posts, but they all require a lot of work, and I don’t have time right now because some of us are flying back to Minnesota TOMORROW and I have a huge list of things to do before we go.

I tried writing a random ramblings post about farmers markets, back aches and the freeze game, but it had to go because, well, the title speaks for itself. I was going to do one about sugar gliders, but was too tired to get all the necessary pictures together for that. I went searching through SFMB (Stuff For My Blog – a folder on my computer) but came up empty. So alas and alack, I am sitting in front of a nice, intimidating blank screen. This is what every writer, blogger and student hates. The menacing, blank screen taunting us.

*glares back at screen until my eyes hurt*

How do we (bloggers) find inspiration to blog? I really have no clue. There was a time in my blogging life that I had unending inspiration. I would hear people talk about bloggers block and not knowing what to write, and laugh because that never happened to me. Ha. Younger Self, you were so uninformed. You laughed too early.

Normally, I’ll be walking around or almost asleep or baking, and an idea will pop into my mind. Or I’ll read another blog and get ideas from there. I’ll write it out and take pictures and then post it a few days later. Some of my ideas are really bad and they never make it to The Blog. Others do.

As I sit here, chewing gum, I think, “Hey, I could write about the dangers of chewing gum”. I could say that the artificial sweeteners in sugar-free gum are terrible for your health and can cause a ton of health problems. Or that sugar-filled gum is just as bad and will rot your teeth. And constant chewing isn’t healthy for your jaw and can cause headaches, jawaches and all sorts of other pain. *continues to munch mine* But seriously, who is interested in reading about gum besides me?

I could talk about the fourth of July and reminisce on the past ways that we’ve celebrated the holiday. I used to be terrified of fireworks because I thought that they were bombs and we were all going to die. I could remember the year when our friend Yasuko spent the holiday with us and we watched fireworks in a park that night (and saw a ton of people get soaked when the sprinklers came on XD). But it’s kind of late to talk about a holiday that happened two days ago.


I still see the screen taunting me. It’s saying, “You’ve written almost 500 words and said absolutely nothing.”

*decides that this isn’t working*

Well, people, if you’re ever thinking of starting a blog, read this post five times. This is what you will become when your inspiration dies. XD Beware.

You know, there were so many times that I wanted to quit blogging. (Now isn’t one of them, BTW). There were so many days that I said, “I AM DONE BLOGGING AND MY BLOG IS GOING AWAY.” Thankfully, I kept at it and I’m really glad I did. I’ve met some really awesome people through it and it has been such a blessing to me. ❤ Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through this whole process! The future will be better! 😉

(Also, next time, I’ll have a real post instead of one that says nothing at all. XD)


19 thoughts on “The Menacing Blank Screen

  1. *quiet gasp* sugar-free gum ._. There may be no sugar but there’s something else in its place loooool
    One of the most intimidating things I’ve ever encountered in my life is the combination of a blank WordPress draft and a lack of inspiration. SO HELP ME. Anything I could have written about before seeing that screen flies out the window 😂 I’ve loved writing about everyday life because I’m always doing stuff each day! Other things like reading books, making crafts, doing photoshoots… not half as frequent

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    1. Yeah, it’s unfortunate. XD Because I love gum sooo much! XD
      Yeah, the blank WordPress draft is awwful. XD I love your posts about everyday life!


  2. You did a great job with this post. You don’t have to write and article or update every time. A little levity and humor while talking about a problem other writers also have brings a smile and a bit of relief to those who understand and are glad to know they aren’t the only ones with that problem.
    I’d like to hear about your trip to Minnesota!

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