In The Storm

She stood alone. The wild wind whipped her long, brown hair in her tear stained face. The trees around her creaked and swayed, as though making a desperate stand against the torrent around them. A driving rain made her wet to the skin. Yet she felt none of this. Nothing in the world mattered to her anymore. She wished she could die. She believed that she was worthless, hopeless, stupid and that she could never be loved. The wind blew stronger and harder, almost knocking her off her feet. She fell to her knees and wept. No one could hear her that dark night. Alone she wept and alone she longed for company. She longed for someone to place their hands on her shoulders and tell her that everything would be alright and that her sorrow was only for a season; that soon it would pass away and she would feel joy again. Yet no one answered; no one came. The only voices that flooded the gates of her broken heart, were the ones that played over and over again in her mind, telling her that she was a mistake; that all of her past wrongs were too much to be forgiven; what she had done was in the past and that the past could never be changed; that she must live with her shame and her sorrow forever.

Yet, as she knelt in passionate grief, she felt as if someone was there; as if someone knew her troubles and cared for her. Her sobs quieted and she realized that it was Jesus who she felt by her side. Her father God was there and He would never leave her. She wasn’t alone after all. Her tears turned from her own sorrow to thankfulness to the God who would never leave her; the God who loved her so much that He died for her sins.

“Thank you, Father.” She whispered. “Thank you that you will never leave me and that I will never truly be alone because you are with me.”

A gentle smile spread across her face. She wasn’t alone in the cold, dark world. The wind quieted. The trees stopped swaying violently and the rain ceased. The darkness in the sky lifted. She saw a large rainbow in the distance and she knew that everything would be alright. She was not alone and she never had been. There was hope. One day, she would find that hope and true joy would flood her heart again.


(P.S. I’m making a formal apology to Rebekah the Hamster. I misspelled her name in the last post. Hopefully, she’ll pardon my offense. XD)

14 thoughts on “In The Storm

  1. THAT WAS SAD! But very hopefully. You’re such a good writer!!
    And, I’m sure that Rebekah has already forgiven you… or, at least, she would if she could read……..
    P.S. Listen to this song, Hattush. It’s called Crooked Lines by Hawk Nelson. I think you’ll like it…

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    1. I’m sorry, Phoebe! 😭 I wish that this story wasn’t based on how real people actually feel! (Myself included) But I’m glad you liked it. ❤️


  2. Wow. That was really good, Hattush. Sometimes I have felt that way… 😦 but it’s always such a comfort to know that Jesus is always with us! Thanks for sharing this. You’re a good writer!
    What?! How could you dare misspell your own sister’s hamster’s name!!! 😮 ;P Haha, well, I heard heard hamsters are very forgiving animals. Or maybe I made that up… 😉
    Love you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you, Rosy. ❤️❤️I’m sorry that you’ve felt that way. 🥺 you are most certainly not alone!
      I KNOW! How dare I?! Well I’m glad you believe hamsters 🐹 have forgiving hearts! I’ll take your word for it!!
      Love you and I’m so glad that you are back!!!

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