Welcome Rebecca!!!

For a long time now, Jehosheba has really wanted a hamster! And guess what???? As a surprise, she got one!!!! It is soooooooo cute!!!!!!


AHHHH! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After much deliberation, Jehosheba finally decided to name her Rebecca!!!


I’m dying of cuteness overload!!!

Rebecca loves running on her hamster wheel!!!I have to say, that is just the cutest thing ever! I never knew this, but hamsters are nocturnal. :/ Her wheel squeaks at night when we’re trying to sleep. I guess it can be kind of a comforting sound. πŸ™‚ XD


13 thoughts on “Welcome Rebecca!!!

    1. Uh oh… I realized I spelled her name wrong! I’m always spelling “Rebekah” with the other spelling. (Even with people I know! *Shriek*) Don’t worry, I’ll make a formal apology to Miss Hamster in my next post. XD ❀ you!

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  1. Hey, wait, Jehosheba, weren’t you going to change your profile picture??? You couldn’t figure out how? I’ll help. πŸ™‚ *Hero sister smile* XD Do you like my new one? I decided I liked this one better than my last one. XD

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  2. She is super cute, huh? I thought the same thing…her wheel squeak is kind of comforting! (Maybe because she always looks so happy on her wheel. πŸ˜„)
    Yep…I like the new profile picture too!


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