Sibling Sayings

I was inspired to do this by a post Rosy did recently.  I have several little siblings and they can be hilarious at time! For your entertainment, enjoy:

“I’m too young to be old!”

“Coffee and chocolate cake, ah life is good!”

“Eat quantity rather than quality – opps, the U.S. mixed up the order of that!”


We all call Yoveil “Baby” even though she’s not a baby anymore.

Hattush: what is your name?

Yoveil: uh…my name is Baby.

Hattush: okay. What is your other name?

Yoveil: my other name is Baby R.

Hattush: do you have any other names?

Yoveil: nope. I’m Baby R.


After a rather stressful few hours….

Hattush: does anyone want some trail mix to sooth the nerves?

Baruch: ooooh! I want some trail mix to smooth my nerves!!!

A couple months ago my brother decided that Jehosheba, Yoveil and I should all go on a hike to collect pine cones. This was some of the banter that came on that hike. XD

Hattush: okay, so let’s review what we’re doing. We’re going to go to the pine forest to look for pinecones so that we can finish our pine cone projects. Right?

The other kids: right.

Hattush: great. Baruch, do you have the bucket?

Baruch nodded and held up an empty ice cream container.

Hattush: perfect. Jehosheba, do you have the phone?

Jehosheba: yup. It has 60% of the battery left, so if there is an emergency, we can contact Mommy right away.

Hattush: and so that you can email your friends?

Jehosheba: maybe…

A bit later….

Hattush: oh, one more thing. Since I’m the oldest, I will obviously be the leader. If you guys start misbehaving, I’ll have to send you home. Listen to me and don’t go wild. Okay?

Jehosheba: okay.

Nahum: do I have to?

Baruch: we could plan a rebellion!


Nahum: what should we do if we see a bear?

Baruch: you whack the cubs on the head and then run away reeeaaaally fast.

Nahum: that would never work! The mommy bear would chase you and tear your arm off! What you really need to do is to stand really still. Then when the bear gets closer, you scream and wave your arms!

Jehosheba: I thought that was a cougar….

Nahum: it’s probably both.

Baruch: but if the bear tears your arms off, how are you supposed to wave them?!

Nahum: *groan*

Baruch: hey look at that tree!!! That looks so perfect to climb!

Baruch and Nahum race towards the tree and start to climb.

Hattush: get down, boys!

Jehosheba: yeah, you might fall and break your ankle!

Hattush: then we would have to carry you all the way home. And since I am already holding Yoveil on my back, Jehosheba would have to be the one to carry most of the weight.

Jehosheba: ugh, that wouldn’t be fun.

Still later….

Hattush: did it ever occur to you that there might be weird people hanging around the pine forest? I mean, there are those two little hut things.

Jehosheba: the yurts?

Hattush: yeah.

Nahum: well, if there are weird people, then we should run away really fast.

Hattush: uh, I can’t really run fast with 30 pounds on my back.

Jehosheba: and what if they had a gun?

Baruch, in terror: we’d all die!

Jehosheba: maybe they’d hold us for ransom.

Baruch immediacy forgot about the “threat” and jumped off the trail to pick up a neat stick he found.

Jehosheba: but why would anyone be at the yurts?

I shrugged.

Hattush: weird people do weird things.

Nahum: you don’t think there might be a crazy man up there, do you?

Jehosheba: who knows?

She pauses and glanced down at her feet.

Jehosheba: ugh, my feet are soaking now. I really should have worn my boots.

STILL later…

After a couple minutes I decided that we should see if anyone was in the yurts.

Baruch: I can’t go! I had a dream about this place last night! There was a big fat guy and he squeezed me and I died! What if he’s hiding in one of these yurts?

Nahum burst into laughter. I glared at him.

Hattush: I doubt that there is a weird person hiding in here. But I’ll check if you want.

I started towards one of the two yurts.

Hattush: it would be awful embarrassing if someone really was inside, though.

Jehosheba: just knock on the door and say, ‘yoohoo, is anyone inside?’

Hattush: I’m not going to sacrifice all of my dignity by saying ‘yoohoo’.

I reached the first yurt and knocked quietly. Since there was no answer, I opened the door and peaked inside.

Hattush: uh, nope, no one’s inside, Baruch.

Baruch, who was sheepishly hiding behind a pine tree, stuck his head out.

Baruch: he might be in the other one.

Hattush: fine, I’ll go check. You guys start collecting pine cones. Remember, we want the big ones.

Yoveil: there pine cones everywhere!

Baruch, grumbling: they’re all under the snow.

Further on in the history of time…

Jehosheba: this whole place just looks so mysterious! I’ve gotta take pictures and then email them to myself!

Hattush: fine. But don’t take too many or we’ll use up the phone battery.

Jehosheba: we still have a lot left. I’m going to use these pictures for front covers for my books!

While Jehosheba took pictures, Nahum picked up a stick and started whacking one of the numerous pine trees.

Hattush: stop that, Nahum. What did the pine tree ever do to you?

Nahum: it’s just so fun to hit stuff!

Continuing on in the history of time…

Hattush: what time is it, Jehosheba?

Jehosheba: let’s see…uh, it’s four-ten.

Hattush: okay, well I guess we can start back home now. It’ll take at least fifteen minutes. We can go slow and look around.

Jehosheba: okay, let’s go.

Nahum: I’m getting really hungry.

Baruch: you’re always hungry.

Hattush: you ate way more than me at lunch. I only had a tiny piece of meat!

Nahum: I’m a growing boy! I will also say that I have more energy than any of you. I’ve run faster and walked father than any of you – and I’m not even very tired!

Hattush, slightly annoyed: try saying that after you’ve carried Yoveil around for a while. It is very hard to run with her on my back. I feel like a duck waddling around.

Jehosheba: I love ducks. They’re the best creatures ever.


Hattush: hey, let’s go home using that path. They all end up leading home and we’ll have a different route there.

Nahum started to run in the opposite direction.

Nahum: there is no way I’m going down that trail! We’ll get lost! Forever!

I waddled quickly after him.

Hattush: get back here, Nahum! We won’t get lost! I know the way! (Probably)

Nahum: fine, you go that way. I’ll take the other path home.

Hattush: no, we aren’t supposed to get split up! Do you know how much trouble we’ll be in if we do?

Nahum: then come this way with me! ‘Cause I’m not going on that other path!


Nahum, looking skeptical: oh really? Can you guarantee that?

*Dies of laughter* Man, living in a big family is funny!!!

Do you have lots of siblings? What are some funny things that they have said?

33 thoughts on “Sibling Sayings

  1. XD This was funny. I love our family. 🤪 😝😬
    Yeah I have a couple siblings. Around five. Funny things??
    Yoveil: Baruch, I love you but you’re just bothering me.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Sooooo funny! I also thought Rosy’s post was also really funny!
    I have 6 siblings…. they do say weird things, but I don’t have the time to share… that would take eternity! Some are really wacky too!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I KNOW! Rosy’s post was hilarious! Especially that one quote where her brother wanted to marry her. XD I died laughing!!!! I know that I’ve been proposed to by both of my brothers! XD Ahh, siblings are so fun! Oh, and you changed your profile picture! Looks great, btw!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my! So funny, and I don’t think that we have ever had anyone stay up in the yurts unless we allowed them!
    I have five siblings and they can be Soo wired sometimes! I can’t think of any examples right now.🌺

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Haha, this was hilarious!!!! 😀 I loved it!! I especially love the whole conversation in the woods… Sounds like me and me siblings. XD oh, and the nature pics are sooo pretty… ❤ 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I just read this the other day. Funny post! Especially the part where your little sister didn’t even mention what her real name was. 😂 One funny thing that my younger brother (whose now 14) said when he was 3 was to my grandparents. It was on a special occasion and he could use a glass to drink from. He told my grandparents, “I’m a teenager. I don’t know how to spill water.” 🤣Seriously? Who doesn’t know how to spill water? (I got his permission to put this up, by the way.😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

  6. hey, Hattush (this is Nahum speaking by the way). I’m just reading some of your old blog posts, and I have a question; in the story where we are walking in the woods, why did you leave out the part where we got lost?


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