Lies of Personal Truth

Truth is whatever we want it to be. Your truth might be different than mine, but who cares? We’re both right and if you say otherwise, you are a judgmental idiot. Total truth does not exist.

That’s what our society tells us. From movies to books to friends, we hear it played over and over again. Truth is whatever we want to believe that it is. Right and wrong aren’t real, they are simply subjective.

The world says that it’s okay to choose whatever gender you want to be and ignore the one that God gave to you.

The world says that you can marry whoever you want and ignore the command of man and wife that God laid out in Genesis.

The world says that if it feels good, go ahead. After all, it can’t really hurt anyone. As long as you don’t commit murder, you’re okay. So go ahead and wreck your families, wreck our life, wreck everything you have. After all, there’s no one to hold you accountable, right?

Our world is drifting farther from a solid basis of truth and into a sea of objectivity. The lines between right and wrong, truth and morality have become hazy and it is so easy for us, Christian or not, to find ourselves horribly confused.

I am confused if I’m honest. There are so many things that I know are wrong in my heart, yet the world says that they’re right and try as I might I’m not always sure why they’re wrong.

In the past couple months, I’ve come to realize how important it is to anchor ourselves in God and in his word in this time in our history. Only in the Bible can we discover the real truth.

Our world is ever falling deeper into the depths of sin. Things that would have never been tolerated in the past are looked upon as good and desirable now. Things that would have had you put in jail or worse are lauded.

Only when we turn to God’s word can we strip away the falsehoods that we have come to accept as normal and get to the heart of true right and wrong.

The Bible, though written so long ago, still applies to our modern life. Humanity doesn’t change. Yes, we may gain more advanced technology, but as Ecclesiastes says, there is nothing new under the sun. All the sins and wrongs that are becoming so prevalent in our world have happened before, time and time again. We can find wisdom and answers in the Bible.

I am very far away from having all of the answers. I read through the Bible and sometimes I’m horribly confused. What applies today and what was only given for that specific culture at that specific time? But I do know that to those who seek the truth, God will give it. When we earnestly look for wisdom and long to know what is right, God will open the doors so that we can find it.

Don’t ever stop seeking or questioning what society teaches us.  Don’t fall into the trap of believing that truth is whatever we want. Because it isn’t. Right and wrong, though not always clear, do and will continue to exist.


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