Random life update: January 2022

Another January has come to a close! The month was filled with a lot of fun stuff. It started, of course, with all of us getting sick. Yoveil got Covid first and it passed on through the family. I was really hoping to avoid it. I took all of the wonderful precautions. But, alas, it was all in vain and I caught it alongside everyone else. *weeps*

I got it JUST in time for Crazy Writing Week. Of course. *shakes head* That happened last time as well. However, when the first day of CWW rolled around, I was able to write quite a bit.

Crazy Writing Week was a lot of fun. It was the only one that they had this year (SO SAD) so I was determined to make the most of it. I gave myself a goal of 10,000 words per day. I was sure that I wouldn’t make it, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream. The first two days were shockingly easy. I wrote a ton of blog posts and made a lot of progress on a novella.

I kept waiting for it to get hard, but I was amazed at how easy the first few days were. I suppose that I had worked up to it in all the other competitions where I pushed myself to write as much as I possibly could. The end of the week was hard and I was so sick of writing. But I made it with 72,000 words – much more than I had dreamed possible in a week!! I made a ton of progress on various novellas, plotted a novel, and got a bunch of blog posts and letters written. All in all, it was a wonderful week! And we, the Peacocks, won!! *claps*

I was also able to start a new novel this month which I am really enjoying. The year has been off to a great start writing wise!

Daddy had his birthday at the beginning of the month. That was a lot of fun. He had delicious lamb stew for supper (which the boys were not pleased to see, lol) and then opened gifts. โค For his dessert he had a banana split cake. It was absolutely delicious! There was cake on the bottom with three flavors of ice cream on top. There were bananas on the side. On top of the ice cream was a pile of whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cherries! We couldn’t fit 45 candles onto his cake, lol, so we just did 12 of the restarter candles. He couldn’t blow them out! It was so funny!

In between Daddy’s birthday and Nahum’s 13th on the 7th, we found out that we had Covid. Mama got it the worst. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ She took a test and we realized the truth. Alas. We were quarantined for two weeks.


Me: You don’t even like to go anywhere when you have the chance.

Baruch: *blinks* Yeah. So?

Grandpa sent us a ton of roses which was so sweet! They filled the house with such delicious, fresh smells. Ahhh!

But we made the most of the time and it ended up feeling like a mini vacation. I wrote a lot, worked on glider toys for my Etsy shop, and just hung out. We watched tons of movies – including a whole season of Survivor in about three days. XD I was pleased when the quarantine ended and we were able to get stability back in life.

Nahum had his thirteenth birthday. *wipes eyes because my siblings are growing up too fast* We were still quarantined at the time, so we just hung out at home and celebrated him. โค He had a delicious mango pineapple sorbet cake. *licks lips* We officially have three teens in the house now!

Halfway through the month, we got back into school. Since I’m finished, I started to teach Yoveil and Dovid so that Mama could have more time to focus on teaching the boys. It has certainly been an interesting experience. I’ve never said that I was a great teacher so I was (am) learning as I went! But they are great students. They’re adorable, they enjoy learning and they cling to me like little burrs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yoveil has an amazing memory even though her attention span is remarkably short. Dovid will pay attention longer than she will. XD But it is going very well and I am pleased with the progress that both of them have made!

I also re-started my Latin studies. I had put them on pause during the whole chaotic move. I missed them so much and it’s been so good to get back into language learning. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also started what I dread terribly – studying the Driver Handbook. I don’t actually dread that part, I just dread the driving that’ll come after it. *sinks into a hole* But it must be done.

Mama’s birthday was at the end of the month. We did some celebrating on the weekend before because we weren’t sure if Daddy would get the day off. That was a lot of fun. We spent Saturday in town. Mama got a haircut. Then we went to the expo center and enjoyed looking at the STEM projects by a bunch of kids. Then went to an art museum (art has gotten very strange, people) and walked around a food hall. We got delicious sandwiches at a bakery for lunch and then headed home to rest for a bit.

That night we went to Evermore Park. You guys, it was so cool! It was basically a Medieval themed place with tons of little buildings, a graveyard, animals, and some activities. It was dark and cold that night, but man, I left so inspired for writing. XD I just wanted to sit there and soak up the atmosphere. It was a really cool place and I would love to go back sometime when it’s warmer.

On her actual birthday we hung out, went to an art museum and a place with lots of taxidermy animals, had Thai food and opened gifts. โค It was fun!

I took a lot of walks. It was freezing and we got a lot of snow, but it was so good to be out in the fresh air. Most days I took Yoveil and Dovid down to one of the numerous playgrounds scattered around our area. That was always chilly but fun! I really love the Utah playground. They’re so fun and interactive. They have huge rope climbing things and unique equipment.

We got to visit the Salt Lake. It was amazing how huge it was! It doesn’t look like a lake at all.

We also went sledding! Daddy, Nahum, Baruch, Yoveil, and I had a blast sledding twice in January. We have some great hills that are within walking distance. It was so much fun – even though I got soaked and fell off my sled numerous times. XD

Other than that, I read a lot in January. I started reading a couple books on dyslexia and wow, they are interesting. It’s incredible what the dyslexic brain can do. *is in research mode now*

I also made a ton of sugar glider toys. I am really close to launching my sugar glider Etsy shop. *claps* During quarantine, I had tons of free time so I spent a lot of it creating toys. I made somewhere around 60 toys. Very fun and relaxing work. *nods*

That brings the first month of the year to a close! It wasn’t the start that I was thinking 2022 would have (after all, it never is!) but it turned out to be a good month despite sickness and a very pitiful lack of routine and normalcy!


Have you had Covid? What was your January like? Do you have plans for February (even though it’s already a third over hehe)? What are your favorite movies? Did you participate in CWW? Have you gone sledding? What activities do you find relaxing?

22 thoughts on “Random life update: January 2022

  1. Sounds like an eventful month! I put off reading that dreaded driver’s manual forever too lol. And now I only leave the house to get books and coffee…

    Liked by 1 person

                  1. Ok then…. You asked for it….
                    *deep breath*
                    Driving isn’t hard! Not at all! You’re just controlling a 3,000 pound moving thing in the midst of about a thousand 3,000 pound moving things controlled by strangers who you don’t know and can’t trust not to break the laws you’re struggling to remember not to break yourself. Oh, and there are more people in most of the cars than just one. So LIVES are in your hands! You all might die. And then there’s weather and oh so many things we can’t control… Not hard at ALL!

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  2. Have I had COVID? THANKFULLY no, and hopefully it stays that way.
    ITS ALREADY A THIRD OF THE WAY THROUGH FEBRUARY WHAT? Ummm well some blogging, reading and school. Also my grandma’s coming at the end of February! And uhmm there’s this day I like to avoid on which I was born…
    My favorite movies are the Marvel movies.
    I don’t even know what Crazy Writing Week is…
    I have not gone sledding. Unless you count my dad pulling me around in a laundry basket when I was like five.
    I find reading relaxing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YEP. It wasn’t fun. I hope that you don’t get it!!
      Life goes by so quickly!! It’s insane. Nice! That’s so fun that your grandma is coming at the end of the month! How long is she staying? Whaaa, why do you want to avoid your birthday??
      Crazy Writing Week is basically a writing competition where two teams try to write as much as possible in one week. It’s really fun! They used to host them three or four times a year, but they’ve decided to only do it once. *cries*
      Hehe that sounds fun!

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