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Hey guys. I’m back again with another tag. mainly because I still have no blogging ideas or inspiration or energy and this works. I currently have two tags that I’m working on answering. I decided to just do one today instead of doing a big long post with both. 🙂

Maggie did an open invitation to this tag on her blog here. Be sure to check it out and follow her! She’s awesome. 🙂


  • Link back to original creator
  • Link back to the person who tagged you or the blog where you first saw this tag
  • Answer all prompts
  • Add one more prompt of your own
  • Tag at least 5 people
  • Don’t lie
  • Have fun!

Never Have I Ever…read a later book in a series before reading the first book

I did this ONCE with the Chronicles of Narnia. I read The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe before I read The Magician’s Nephew. But beyond that, NOPE. It would totally drive me crazy.

Never Have I Ever…burned a book


Never Have I Ever…read a book I knew I would hate

*coughs* Um, yes, I’ve done this. Most of the time because the book is part of a series and I want to see how the series ends.

Never Have I Ever…wrote a fanfiction about my favorite books

Nope. I don’t do fan fiction. Okay, actually, that’s not true. I did ONE fan fiction a couple years ago, but that was about AIO.

Never Have I Ever…loved a book when I was young, yet hated it when I got older

You know, I don’t think this has happened. I still really like a lot of the books that I read when I was younger.

Never Have I Ever…dressed up as one of my favorite literary characters

Not recently. But I used to ATTEMPT to dress up like my fav. characters…when I was little. (And the books that I read back then were about cannibals’, soo…)

Never Have I Ever…hated a book by an author I love

Yes. I really didn’t like The Wormling series, even though I did like Red Rock Mysteries by the same authors.

Never Have I Ever…gone into a bookstore to buy one book and come out with many more

I don’t really go to bookstores, but I have totally done with with online book shopping!

Never Have I Ever…read the ending of a book before reading the beginning

I used to, but I don’t anymore. I really hate spoiling the ending…plus I feel like I’m cheating.

Never Have I Ever…read I book without the dust cover

YES ALL OF THE TIME. I really can’t stand those dust covers. I always take them off.

Never Have I Ever…skim read nearly half a book

I’m guilty of this. I am an amazing skim reader. But I normally just skim books that I’ve already read before. Or ones that are really really boring.

Never Have I Ever… fallen asleep while reading a book

Haha, no. But I’ve been close quite a few times. Especially when I read in bed.

My prompt:

Never Have I Ever…read part of a series and not finished the rest

Yep. I’ve only done this once or twice, but yeah. Most of the time because the books just keep getting worse and worse as the series goes on and I’m just bored and like, “I don’t want to waste my time here.”

I Tag….

EVERYONE! Yep. If you love books, you are tagged! (Jehosheba & Kaley, I would totally love to see your answers!!)


Do you love books? What is your favorite genre? What is one book you thought you’d like, but didn’t?

19 thoughts on “All Things Bookish Tag

  1. Lol I would totally be a book burner if I thought it wouldn’t accidentally burn my house down! 🤣 Instead I just trash them! If it’s new age or occult books, no guilt there – I destroy! 🤣
    This was fun to read!

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  2. Lol! I love the answers! I think I’ve already done this one on my blog a few months ago… My favorite genre is…. actually i don’t know… I read a lot of different genres. Of course I love books! 😮

    Liked by 1 person

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