My Cookie, My Friend: A Tragedy

Earlier this afternoon, Jehosheba, Mama, Yoveil and I went into town. We stopped by a store and got some coffee and cookies (the best food ever). Yoveil desperately wanted this cookie that looked like a little chicken. Mama got it without her knowing.

Then we went to our appointments. While Jehosheba was in hers, Mama gave Yoveil the longed for chicken cookie.

Yoveil squealed and hugged the bag. “I’m sooo happy!!!”

She took Cookie out, she held him, she smiled, she was happy…and then she came to a horrible realization.


In one instant, exuberant joy was turned to sorrow. She was in love with Cookie…and she was destined to destroy him.

“I’m going to save him!” she declared proudly. “I won’t eat him for a long time!”

She put Cookie back in the bag and held it. A few minutes later, and after much persuasion by Mama and I, she opened the bag and nibbled on his feet. Sadness mixed with excitement filled her face.

“He tastes so good!”

“Good!” I said. “Eat him!”

“No.” Yoveil’s brow furrowed and she dropped her eyes. “I can’t eat him.”

“Why not?”

“Because he’s my friend!”

“But…but his purpose is to be eaten.”


Quiet a while later, Cookie had received a few bites. Yoveil was sad with every mouthful that she swallowed.

“Why don’t you just eat his eye, then he won’t look like a chicken anymore?” Mama suggested.

Yoveil solemnly licked off the little black bit of frosting that was Cookie’s eye. She looked at him and cried, “He’s still so cute!!! I can’t eat him! I have to save him!”

After more persuasion from Mama and I, Yoveil took another bite. Then she whimpered, “But he’s sad! He’s crying because I’m eating him!”

“But you ate his eye.”

Yoveil wasn’t defeated. “He’s still crying! I can see the tears pouring down his face!”

“But he doesn’t have an eye anymore. I think that’s just your spit.”

“He’s crying in my mind, Hada.”


Yoveil eventually took Cookie out of the bag and started to kiss him. Five seconds later, she was actually licking him instead. Realizing what she was doing, she quickly put him back into the bag and handed him to Mama to keep safe.

All the way home, Yoveil was wailing about how much she loved Cookie, how cute he was and how she could not eat him.

“I’ll never see him again! He’s my friend, Hada! I can’t eat my friend!”

By the time we pulled into our driveway, Cookie was little more than a round circle of cookie with bright yellow frosting. Who knows what will happen to the remnant of his body…


Do your siblings get attached to food? What are some cute stories that you have from your siblings?

40 thoughts on “My Cookie, My Friend: A Tragedy

  1. My little brother is obsessed with cookies, whenever I try to take a bite out of his cookie, even when he isn’t in the room, he knows…….. this one day I got caught red handed and he literally opened my mouth, took the cookie out and ate it😮😂😂😂I don’t blame him, it was the last one and so delicious 😋🤣🤣

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    1. Aww that’s adorable!
      “I got caught red handed and he literally opened my mouth, took the cookie out and ate it” I laughed so hard when I read that! It sounds like something one of my brothers would have done when they were little!

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  2. *cracks up* Yoveil is so cute and sweet and caring… even over Cookie. XD My sister doesn’t get attached but she def saves her candy for forever. Like, when all her Christmas candy starts expiring she eats whatever she can and then throws what’s bad away. It’s funny how we stock up and preserve things that “make us happy” when our happiness is a person and always available forever… *wise nod*

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    1. LOL, yep! She has a big heart for just about everything.
      Aww, that’s kinda cute! I used to do that, too. I’d save everything sweet I got…and then I’d eat it all at once and get sick, lol.


  3. Oh, that’s soo funny!! And cute!! My brothers have absolutely no attachments to food like that in any way whatsoever. Boys, you know. Me, on the other hand…well…I have a hard time eating food in the shape of cute animals LOL

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  4. hahaha! I think my younger sisters would do things like that when they were little. We would always get these cookies from a bakery near our grandparents house that had frosting dogs on them…we would never want to eat them… but eventually we would. lol

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  5. I’m dying, this is so hilarious! 🤣 Yeah definitely no emotional attachments to food over here! I actually had to buy little animal cookie cutters to cut Jase’s food, like meat and veggies; out when he was little, just to get him to eat them!

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  6. Aww this was moving 😭😭❤️
    I can’t remember a time when my siblings were attached to food. But one year for Easter as a kid, I got a chocolate bunny and I felt so bad about eating its face 😭😂 I got it over with and once the face was gone, it looked like a chocolate lump which made the rest of the eating bearable!! hehe

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  7. Oh my goodness, awww that’s so sweet and cute!! I have never befriended my food, but I respect Yoveil hahahaha!
    Thanks for sharing this great story of your sister and the chicken cookie! A friendship that must not be forgotten hahaha 😀
    -kaelyn 😛

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  8. Lol, I’m the youngest so I don’t really remember my siblings as little kids, but once when my sister (like 10 at the time) and my brother (11) had a funny thing happen. We all got chocolate easter bunnies for, well, easter lol. Anyway, my sister kept her bunny and my brother ate it the same day he got it, so my sister put it on her shelf, and one day my brother got a grapefruit spoon and started hollowing out the bunny XD, he would go every day and scrape some more chocolate from the bunny but my sister Libby had no idea cause it looked normal from the outside XD, then finally when she found it my parents made him buy her a new bunny, and now my brother sends her a chocolate bunny every year, and my sister sends him grapefruit spoons, ah the joys of having brothers lolll!

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