Sugar Shops

Hey all! Here is another Food Story by Kaley, me and friend Madeline helped too. 🙂 Enjoy.

(Kaley is staring at computer. Doesn’t realize she should be folding laundry. Is talking to Hattush online)
Hattush: …and then the soda chased me!

Kaley: Yikes. I don’t talk to food much. Lucky you that you can.

Hattush: NOT lucky. *shudders* I haven’t told you about the leftover green beans yet. *shudders again in horror*

Kaley: Oops. Apparently, I’m supposed to be folding laundry. My mom is calling me.

Hattush: Oops. Bye.

Kaley: Bye. *sighs* TTYL!

(Kaley closes computer. Goes to laundry machine. Gets clothes. Starts folding laundry and thinking about how annoying life is.)

Kaley: *Sighs* It’s not fair that Hattush gets to have all the fun. It’d be great to talk to a drink!

(Just then the phone rings. Kaley picks it up.)

Kaley: Hello? It’s the K to the D to the K speaking!

Voice: Hello! My name is Sugar and you are the one I wanted to speak with!


Sugar: Uh, yea, girl. Duh. Like, why else would I, like, call you?

Kaley: Sorry. Sooooo… wait, where did you get my number? ARE YOU A CREEPY STALKER?

Sugar: Like, you’re not dramatic. I got it from Cream, who got it from, like, Coffee who got it from Hattush.

Kaley: Ooooooooooooh. Okay. Sooooooo… Why are you calling me?

Sugar: Because,like, girl, I want to talk to you!

Kaley: Oookay. Sooooo…what do you want to talk about?

Sugar:Girl, you know what my LIFE LONG dream has been?!

Kaley: What?

Sugar: *gets a dreamy look behind her highly make-up covered eyes* Like, I’ve always wanted to visit a mall. I’ve heard from Soda that they are AMAZING.Do you think that maybe, you know, you’d be able to take me there?

Kaley: Ooooooookaaaaaaaaaaay… Um, where are you? I mean, where do you live?

Sugar: Like, in a cupboard at like, Madeleine’s house.

Kaley: Um… Ok… *hangs up phone*

(Kaley goes to Madeleine’s house.)

Kaley: *rings doorbell*

Madeleine: *Comes to the door with a cat on her head* Hi..This is not about MY sugar wanting to go to the mall, is it…?

Kaley: Uh, yeah it is.

Madeleine: *sighs* That sugar is driving me cra-

(A twenty-five-pound bag of sugar comes out)

Sugar: Uh yeah well Bye!

Madeleine: Hey!

Kaley: I think I should follow her.

Madeleine: Just bring her back.

Kaley: I promise.

(Kaley and Sugar head off to the mall.)

Sugar: *mouth falls open in shock* Whoa. Soda wasn’t lying. LOOK AT THIS PLACE!

Kaley: Yeah, it’s big!

Sugar: Take me to the shoe department, like quickly, girl! I have to see that! What color do you think would go accent my highlights?

Kaley: Uh, I’m not sure that they would have shoes in your size…

Sugar: They would be, like, crazy not to have them! I would totally like blow up if they didn’t!

Kaley: Just a warning…

(Kaley walks over to the shoe section with Sugar riding on her shoulder.)


Sugar: *finds a pair of baby slippers* *tries them on* *squeals because they fit*

Kaley: *cracks up*

Sugar: See? Like, what did I tell you?

Kaley: Um… Ok. I think I’ll get a pair of shoes also…

Sugar: These, like, red boots are sooooooooo totally ugly, by the way.

Kaley: I never thought I’d say this, but you are right.

Sugar: Well, duh! Why do ya think I said it?

Kaley: *secretly disagrees with Sugar* Okaaaaaaaaay… I think I’ll get these brown boots.

Sugar: Girly, those are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too plain.

Kaley: Um, I like them.

Sugar: Do whatcha want but when ya hear people laughin’ at ya, don’t say I didn’t teeeeeeeeeeeell yaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Kaley: Ok, well, I think I will get them anyway.

Sugar: Let’s hit the clothes racks! And before you, like, tell me nothing will fit, remember how right I, like, always am.

Kaley: *tries not to role eyes* Ok, we can look at the clothes.

Sugar: Yay! *dashes off*

Kaley: *sighs deeply* (thought in head) Why did I want to talk to foods?

Sugar: *grabs dress from babies’ rack* Ooooh! I likes! *runs to dressing rooms*

Kaley: *shakes head when Sugar comes out in dress* I can’t believe it fits.


Kaley: Uh, how are you going to pay for them?

Sugar: *laughs* Like, I’ll just use your credit card!

Kaley: I don’t have a credit card. And even if I did, do you think I’d let you use it?!

Sugar: like, totally!

Kaley: *rolls eyes* I’ll buy you one pair of shoes and one outfit, but that’s all!

Sugar: *pouts* it’s not fair, girl! There aren’t many jobs looking to hire food! How do you expect me to make any cash?

Kaley: Oh, I know this great place that hires food! It’s called a RESTAURANT!*evil smile*

Sugar: *shrieks and hides behind clothes wrack* GIRL, NO! DON’T SAY THE AWFUL WORD!That is the place where like all foods go to die!

Kaley: I know. (thought in head) It doesn’t sound too bad right now.


Kaley: Whoa, chill there, girl. I was joking. I know it was mean, but you’re kind of trying to steal my money and time, sooooooo…

Sugar: *calms down* Ok, fine. What should we get for YOU?! Hmmmmm… You need a makeover.

Kaley: *gasps* NO, GIRL!

Sugar: *smiles* Oh, yes!

(Two hours and a couple hundred dollars of coins in the mall fountain later)

Kaley: Ummmmm… this doesn’t look like me.

Sugar: Exactly! It looks GOOD.

Kaley: Um, did you just roast me?

Sugar: Uh, DUH, girl! Oblivious, oblivious.

Kaley: Ok, we’re done.

Sugar: Why?

Kaley: *ignores Sugar* *rolls eyes* *takes Sugar home to a Madeleine who suspiciously JUST got home and  isn’t surprised by the makeover but thinks it’s funny*

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