I’m Uninspired


*Contemplating what to write*

*Can’t think of anything interesting to say*

Hello everyone. This is like the 3rd time I’ve rewritten that first sentence. Is it terrible that I can’t come up with a good way to say “hello”? Maybe.

*Ahem* So I know I haven’tΒ  been very regular in posting lately. It’s not anything to do with you, readers. In fact, I’ve been kind of…uh, what’s the word….uninspired to do ANYTHING at all! I have a few letters to respond to, a bunch of pictures I really need to take, a TOOOOOON of writing I really should be working on, a beautiful outside world that I need to get out into AND a bunch of books that I need/want to read. Oh, and I need to respond to the email my grandpa sent me a few days ago. (Sorry, Grandpa….I keep forgetting. 😦 ) Did I also mention that I need to take a shower and maybe brush my hair?

I’m not normally this much of a procrastinator. In fact, I normally avoid procrastination. Why put off something you’ll just have to do later? That’s me normally. Me right now = just forget about everything. Maybe it’ll finish itself while I’m busy staring at the wall. *Sigh* I’m being cynical again. You people really do not want to be around a cynical me. You can’t win any arguments and you’ll just leave scratching your heads.

*Gets back on track to the Subject of Nothing* I’m really uninspired. My sister wants me to write a 38 page story before April 5th. So far I have a huge 6 pages done. I have everything planned out, but when I sit down at my computer nothing comes to my mind. I need an inspiration.

*Decides to talk about something less unhappy* It is finally feeling like spring here, which is so wonderful!Β  The snow is melting and everything is REALLY muddy. My younger brothers go outside almost everyday. They play in the mud and walk in all the puddles and splash each other and get soaked. Then their clothes are all wet and their is mud all over the house. 😦 Uh, yeah, so maybe I got pessimistic again. Jehosheba is always telling me to look on the bright side of life. I do…some of the time…

Jehosheba, the optimist, says, “When your life gets the worst it possibly can, that’s okay! It can only get better not worse!”

Me, the pessimist says, “Life can always get worse. For most people it probably will stop getting worst at a certain point. But I’m one of those rare people that life doesn’t seem to get better for. It’ll only get worse.”

*Wails* Ummm…okay, I’m not saying anything in particular here anymore, so I will just say HAPPY SPRING and hope that you all have a great day. πŸ™‚ (Isn’t that little emoji so cute?! [There, that’s my optimistic thought for the day])

Hattush πŸ˜‰ (Why did I put that winky face there? It has no inherent purpose at all….)

Uh…sorry…I’ll just stop talking now… πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “I’m Uninspired

  1. Haha! I didn’t know that you were so uninspired.
    Well, look on the bright side. All the inspiration is just being saved up and soon you’ll be really, super duper extra inspired and I’ll have my story to read!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe… what’s wrong with being an optimist? I’m happy that it’s spring, too!! Yay!!

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  2. Grrr! WordPress just erased my comment. I had it all written out.
    You are showing your true optimism, sis. 😁 there is nothing wrong with being an optimist! I love all the optimist people I know! (I also love the pessimist people) Optimist people bring sunshine to the word. Sadly I am not one of them.

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  3. 2 Corinthians 4:7-18!!!

    My stepmom used to say I was always the cup is half empty kind of girl, not half full – ever the pessimist! It’s not particularly a trait I’m fond of in myself, but I find that God is constantly working in us to see things the way that he does, and sometimes it takes practice in thankfulness to Him that our hearts start to change more in this area. (I’m still a total work in progress! I imagine I will be till the day I die! 🀣). That said, what you wrote above, at least to me, wasn’t pessimistic!!! I’d be saying the same about wet clothes and muddy shoes, that’s just truth!! Just don’t let it ruin your day is all! Lol.

    Ps. Us creatives often get stuck feeling uninspired! Don’t worry, it often flip flops back and forth! Maybe read some good books and get those creative juices flowing! ❀️

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