A Spring Walk

A few days ago we decided to get out into the fresh air and take a nice walk around. We brought our cameras and took some fun pictures. πŸ™‚ I hope you all enjoy! πŸ˜‰

March 2019 098
The sky was such a bright blue! Such a very welcome change to cloudy and grey!!

March 2019 103

The path was REALLY muddy! :/

March 2019 105

March 2019 107
I like all the footprints. πŸ˜‰
March 2019 113
Jehosheba standing in front of the waterlogged area…

March 2019 119

There is so much water EVERYWHERE!
March 2019 121

See what I mean? This is not supposed to be covered in water…

March 2019 124

March 2019 126

I love taking pictures of paths!

March 2019 132

*Ahem* I also like taking pictures of water.

March 2019 134

March 2019 135

Again, I like paths. πŸ™‚

March 2019 138

March 2019 151

March 2019 153

I took a ton of pictures of this place! XD

March 2019 155

Does it bother anyone else that this is crooked?

March 2019 156

March 2019 157

March 2019 171

Okay, maybe I’m obsessed with water…

March 2019 174

March 2019 176

March 2019 179

Did I mention that I like taking pictures of imprints in mud?

March 2019 187

Baruch could not resist the call of the water. XD

March 2019 203

Anyway, thanks for reading/looking! HaveΒ  a great day! πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “A Spring Walk

  1. What?! You posted?! I did not see this until just now… I like your pictures! Especially the third picture! (…Wow… ten miles an hour…😱… it’s so… er… fast…) And the last one looks sooo mysterious!

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  2. Wow it does look muddy there! I love seeing these pictures, it gives me a glimpse into your lives and area you live! ❀️ What camera do you use to take them? Have you ever tried macro photography? I think you might like it – specifically those close-ups of the nature around you!

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      1. There are little cheap extension tubes for about $20 on Amazon that you can use that will allow you to do macro (best with a 50mm lens in my opinion!) and do a pretty decent job! I took a macro class last year and all I had were those tubes and it was a lot of fun to see God’s creation in this whole new way!

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