Walking On Water

One family sets out to brave the ice and the snow. A long walk awaits them. In front of them a lake covered with thick ice and a few inches of snow awaits. They set out, crunching through the snow as they go. The wind blows in their faces making it hard to see…

A couple weeks ago on a cold afternoon we decided to take a little walk out on our (frozen) lake. There are three islands in the middle of the lake, so we thought we’d walk out to one of those. Since it was in the 20’s here, we got all bundled up and then headed outside.

lake walk (2)

It was VERY windy! And to make it worse, we were walking into the wind for half of the trip. I *ahem* “forgot” to wear a hat and my ears got REALLY cold! But it was a lot of fun! We were all WALKING on frozen water!!! It wasn’t slippery because there were a few inches of snow built up on top of it.

lake walk (3)
I LOVE his little red coat!!!!!

We saw all the little fishing huts around the lake.

lake walk (4)

lake walk (5)

lake walk (6)
In the distance you can see the first island

lake walk (7)

We got to this point and the wind was so strong and so cold that we decided to turn around and walk back home. We’d try the walk to the island again on a less windy day. 🙂

lake walk (8)

The boys had a lot of fun crawling around on the snow and ice!

lake walk (9)
My family! 🙂

lake walk (1)

We went inside, got warm and had some great hot chocolate. Ahh, life is great! XD


4 thoughts on “Walking On Water

  1. Hi Hattush! I love your blog post! It was freezing that day, my ears felt… cold…😂
    Did you like sledding? I had a dream that we were sledding and I hit the snow ‘wall’ so hard my head fell off! 😱

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha! Oh yeah, I had tons of fun sledding! 😁 you were so funny to watch! 😄 ooh! Scary dream! I don’t think I’ve ever had a dream like that! 👩🏼


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