17 Hours In A Van: Day 1 Cross-State Move

Hey friends, we are on our way to our new home in Utah! I will do a whole different post about the journey and everything that has/will happen. Since I don’t have time to write a whole post right now, I will just reblog this one that I wrote for my glider blog, An Inky Dream. Enjoy!

Hello friends! As many of you know, my family is moving from GA to UT. It is an incredibly long move with many stops along the way. I will be documenting the whole journey and how it went while taking the gliders. 😁 This first day was by far the hardest and most frustrating (so […]

17 Hours In A Van: Day 1 Cross-State Move

8 thoughts on “17 Hours In A Van: Day 1 Cross-State Move

  1. I’ve been following your move on your other blog
    It sounds exciting but exhausting! I hope you’re finally in your new home and settling in πŸ’— and I hope you’re enjoying living there!
    Poor gliders! I feel for them😫 Hopefully they’re happier now
    How do you like Utah, so far? Is everyone doing well?

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    1. Yay! Yep, it has been exciting, exhausting and memorable! We still aren’t in our new home unfortunately (more in the long delayed September post) but we are surviving! God has used this as a lesson in trust!
      Utah is amazing! You should see it sometime. The mountains are absolutly stunning!
      Everyone is doing pretty well. Bored, tired and wanting our house, but good!

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      1. Aw, I hope you’ll get into your home soon. I can imagine how you feel! But I’m glad you’re all still doing well 😊
        Utah sounds amazing!

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  2. You’re moving?! I’ve been too caught up in Bible Bee to check your blog (sorry). By the way, do you “know” Macy Carpenter? She said she had a friend moving from GA to UT, so I didn’t know if you were that friend. πŸ™‚

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