I Don’t Believe In Celebrating Halloween

Skeletons and blood are cool. You can’t live without either. But ghosts, witches, and other dark things? Yeah, I’ll survive just fine without them.

I am amazed that so many people celebrate Halloween. Darkness and evil are already so heavy in our world! So why create a day to celebrate something that most people are already fearful of?

Jesus broke the power of evil and death. He died and brought us life. He gave us hope and salvation and because of that, we don’t have to fear death anymore. When we die, if we believe in Jesus, we will go to Heaven. THAT is worth celebrating! But personally, I am not interested in cheering for evil and darkness!

Today, instead of celebrating darkness and death, let’s reflect the true Light of Life.

~ Hattush
(P.S. Happy Reformation Day! Now THAT can be fun! 😉 )

31 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe In Celebrating Halloween

  1. I soooo agree. Halloween is just like “Hey! I totally support Satan, the devil and stuffing Jesus in a bag, even if just for tonight.” Well, guess what? You can’t stuff Jesus in a bag. He’s still there, and He’s totally sad that you chose death over Eternal Life.

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  2. Wow, Hattush! Proud of you for posting this post. I mean, it’s not always easy to step up and stand out, ya know? But you did, unashamed. And I want to say that I totally agree. My family and I don’t celebrate Halloween, and definitely avoid things relating to that “holiday” (if you can even call it a holiday). It surprises me just how many people celebrate Halloween . . . it almost like they ignore the fact that it’s Satanic. (shakes head) Great idea though . . . Happy Reformation Day! (giggles) There’s nothing about this “holiday” that glorifies or pleases God, so I was happy to see you shining brightly for Him during this dark “holiday.” I think a lot of people should read this post, definitely. The world needs more people like you! (giggles)

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