Island of the Misfit Toys

I’ve never been normal. No one who knows me would say that. I’m pretty sure that I was born with a red stamp across my face that said, “THIS KID IS DESTINED NEVER TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE – NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE DOES TO TRY AND SAVE HER, SHE CAN’T ESCAPE HER LIFELONG SENTENCE.” … Continue reading Island of the Misfit Toys

One Who Doesn’t Change

I’ve been looking through my old blog posts, in an attempt to get inspired to blog. I’ve started at least three different blog posts and then deleted them because THEY DON’T WORK. *growls* I want to do a “fun” blog post but nothin’ is a’coming to me. :/ I know what you’re thinking....Is HATTUSH, blogging … Continue reading One Who Doesn’t Change

I’m Sorry + 5 Random Topics

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been posting very frequently over the past few weeks. And maybe you’re wondering why. *bites lip nervously* Well, I’ll be honest. The last few weeks have been up and down for me. Some days are great and I feel like I’m moving forward in life. But other days I fail. … Continue reading I’m Sorry + 5 Random Topics