Gluten & Sugar Free Fat Bombs

Hey guys. We're going gluten free again. 😦 😦 I remembered once more how hard it is to make gluten free things taste "normal". I made breadsticks last night and they tasted fine, but man, they were dense and crumbly. ALAS, FOR DAYS FULL OF GLUTEN FILLED FOOOOOODS. XD A few days ago, I was … Continue reading Gluten & Sugar Free Fat Bombs

Sugar Free Cookie Dough Cheesecake

Howdy people. Whoa, did I just say howdy? I promised never to use that as a greeting. XD  Anyway, I was looking through my drafts this morning in hopes of finding something acceptable to post because I am WAY too tired to try to write anything original. XD I slept until ten thirty. *dies* But … Continue reading Sugar Free Cookie Dough Cheesecake