Random Life Update: November

Hey friends! I can't believe that November IS OVER. When did that happen?! This month went by insanely fast! I spent most of it working on school. Making progress, people! Yay! Beyond school, we did quite a few fun things. First of all, YOVEIL'S FIFTH BIRTHDAY! She was so excited to be turning a year … Continue reading Random Life Update: November

Random Life Update: June

June turned out to be a pretty full month. At the beginning, we got out our trusty old swimming pool and set that up. The kids were SO happy about that. Baruch had been begging for it for months (since winter, basically XD). Iโ€™ve actually enjoyed swimming with them, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yoveil LOVES it but … Continue reading Random Life Update: June

Random Life Update: March Edition

*searches through journal entries from the past month* Ahem. I may have momentarily forgotten what we did during March. XD Honestly, March has been the best month of 2020. Amidst all the fear of the coronavirus and days where I collapsed on my bed and wondered, โ€œIs it bad that being happy seems like such … Continue reading Random Life Update: March Edition