Paint Mines Interpretive Park

AHHH! This place was SO AMAZING! My pictures DO NOT do it justice!

Vacation April 2019 180
Jehosheba’s reflection in the back on the van! XD
Vacation April 2019 184

Vacation April 2019 191Vacation April 2019 198

Vacation April 2019 204
Am I the only one who is obsessed with water?!

Vacation April 2019 214Vacation April 2019 224Vacation April 2019 232Vacation April 2019 235Vacation April 2019 236Vacation April 2019 238

Vacation April 2019 242
Can anyone else see the faces in the rock?

Vacation April 2019 247Vacation April 2019 249

Vacation April 2019 252
Such beautiful colors!!!

Vacation April 2019 266Vacation April 2019 267Vacation April 2019 286Vacation April 2019 290

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