My 2020 Playlist

Breaking of the Dawn (Fernando Ortega)

Preachers Harvest (The Harvest)

Amusing (Chris Rice)

Most of Simon Khorolskiy’s Albums

The Alter and the Door (Casting Crowns)

Lifesong (Casting Crowns)

Porters Gate: Work Songs

Jamie Soles Albums

Today We Rebel (KB)

Tomorrow We Live (KB)

Weight & Glory (KB)

Therapy Session (NF)

Perception (NF)

Mansion (NF)

Beautiful Addiction (NF)

Alone (NF)

The Search (NF)

Look Up Child (Lauren Daigle)

Beautiful Lumps of Coal (Plumb)

Need You Now (Plumb)

A Maccabeats Hanukkah (The Maccabeats)

Already Gone (Sleeping At Last)

All Through the Night (Sleeping At Last)

Atlas: Touch (Sleeping At Last)

Atlas: Emotions (Sleeping At Last)

Atlas: Darkness (Sleeping At Last)

Atlas: Heart (Sleeping At Last)

Breathe Again (Sleeping At Last)

Where Does the Good Go (Sleeping At Last)

Today Has Been Ok (Sleeping At Last)

Advent, Vol. 1 (The Brilliance)

All Is Not Lost (The Brilliance)

Brother (The Brilliance)

Oh Dreamer (The Brilliance)

Come To Me (Wendell Kimbrough)

The Elements (TobyMac)

Love & War & The Sea In Between (Josh Garrels)

Home (Josh Garrels)

Early Work, Vol. 1 (Josh Garrels)

Josh White & Josh Garrels

Counting Stars (Andrew Peterson)

The Burning Edge of Dawn (Andrew Peterson)

Truth Be Told (Matthew West)

Come To Me (Wendel Kimbrough)

Every Mile Mattered (Nichole Nordeman)

Burn The Ships (For King&Country)

Loved (JJ Heller)

When I’m With You (JJ Heller)

The Pretty and the Plain (JJ Heller)

Mental (KJ-52)

Be Held (Christy Nockels)

Your Peace Will Make Us One (Audrey Assad)

Les Miserables soundtrack

Lord of the Rings soundtrack

The Hobbit soundtrack

Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack


What music did you listen to this year? Have you heard any of the music that I mentioned? What is your favorite genre of music?

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