My 2020 Playlist


Breaking of the Dawn (Fernando Ortega)

Preachers Harvest (The Harvest)

Still (Nathan Clark George)

Amusing (Chris Rice)

The Alter and the Door (Casting Crowns)

I especially love the song Slow Fade. *cries* Anybody else seen Fireproof?

Lifesong (Casting Crowns)

Zion (Hillsong United)

Porters Gate: Work Songs


Jamie Soles Albums – Ascending; Better Still; Fun and Prophets; Giants and Wanderers; Highways to Zion; In Those Days; Memorials; Pure Words; River, Songs From the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’; Up From Here; The Way My Story Goes; Weight of Glory; Wells

I love Jamie Soles’s music. I’ve listened to it ever since I was REALLY young! He sings a lot of scripture, and it is really encouraging! I like to play his albums while I’m going to sleep.

Today We Rebel (KB)

The songs Art of Drifting and Art of Hope are some of my favorites. *dabs eye with tissue*

Tomorrow We Live (KB)

I love the songs Drowning and Find Your Way. *sobs* I had them on repeat for a loooong time.

Weight & Glory (KB)

Therapy Session (NF)

Look Up Child (Lauren Daigle)

Beautiful Lumps of Coal (Plumb)

Need You Now (Plumb)

A Maccabeats Hanukkah (The Maccabeats)

Already Gone (Sleeping At Last)

All Through the Night (Sleeping At Last)

Atlas: Touch (Sleeping At Last)

Atlas: Emotions (Sleeping At Last)

Atlas: Darkness (Sleeping At Last)

Atlas: Heart (Sleeping At Last)

Breathe Again (Sleeping At Last)

Where Does the Good Go (Sleeping At Last)

Today Has Been Ok (Sleeping At Last)

Yes, I like Sleeping At Last. XD Obviously. XD

Advent, Vol. 1 (The Brilliance)

All Is Not Lost (The Brilliance)

Brother (The Brilliance)

Come To Me (Wendell Kimbrough)


Love & War & The Sea In Between (Josh Garrels)

Home (Josh Garrels)


Lean (Nichole Nordeman)

Every Mile Mattered (Nichole Nordeman)

Sound of Surviving (Nichole Nordeman)

Sigh No More (Audrey Assad)

If You Want Love (NF)

Island of the Misfit Toys (KJ-52)

Cut (Plumb)

Stronger (Building 429)

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (Casting Crowns)

Psalm 22 (Fernando Ortega)

What Faith Can Do (Kutless)

Better Is One Day (Kutless)

All Alone (Kutless)

SOS (We The Kingdom)

This was another one that I had on repeat. *grins*

Won’t Give Up (Colony House)

This is an amazing song, you HAVE to listen to it!

Start Over (Flame)


This song is SO different from my normal style, but I really like it. XD I even have the lyrics as my desktop background. XD

Note: all of these songs ^^ are clean and most are from Christian artists/bands.

And finally….LES MISERABLES SONGS!!! I loooove them so much. I had most of the songs on repeat. Jehosheba got veeeery tired of hearing them. (Sorry, sis. That’s why I put headphones on. *smiles apologetically*) I love the emotion and the beauty and tragedy of the songs. *heart eyes*

What music did you listen to this year? Have you heard any of the songs/artists that I mentioned? What is your favorite genre of music? Have you listened to the Les Miserables songs? (If you haven’t, you need to right now!)

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