About Cailyn

‘Ello, people!

I am finally getting around to an about page. *cringe at my slowness* Anyway!

My name is Cailyn, and I am a teenager with a strong love for my Savior Who never leaves, and Whose strength and love is the only reason I make it day by day. My passion for photography I hope to use one day and grow a successful photography business, Lord-Willing. I play the piano (although I’m not too good XD) and I absolutely LOVE to sing. Writing is my next passion and I have written a ton of short stories and am currently working on ‘it’. THE book. Maybe. Unless I lose inspiration. Again. *ahem*

I hope you enjoy seeing snippets of my photography and that I somehow encourage you and spur you on in your walk with Christ. He is THE ONLY WAY. Let Him guide you always.

Blessings and Love!

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