Week 3

Hey people! Today I am announcing Week  3 of our DOTL contest! So far, this contest has been excruciatingly difficult for Hattush and me to score these. Many of y'all's artwork deserves 10s on both creativity and skill, yet, due to fairness and impartiality, we can not score them that high. (Although I wish we … Continue reading Week 3

Art Prompt #2

HEY EVERYONE!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Today is week two of the first ever DOTL art contest!!! Thank you to all of our contestants who submitted their beautiful art work! I have no idea how I'm going to judge this week.....! ANYWAY! PROMPT NUMBER TWO IS....... *cue suspenseful music* *decides to wait a bit longer … Continue reading Art Prompt #2

Christmas Bucket List

*sighs and wishes that the TV would malfunction* There are only so many Wild Kratt episodes you can watch before you get sick of having the same basic plot over and over again. Maybe because its a kids cartoon that I've already seen a million times.... I'm drinking coffee again and thinking about Christmas. In … Continue reading Christmas Bucket List