An Interesting Weekend

Hey people! (Sorry about the title! XD I am NOT good at coming up with names for anything! XD) This weekend was a lot of fun! On Friday morning we packed up our van and headed away from our cold, wet house. XD For some strange reason, our van SMELLED SO AWFUL. (It wasn't all... Continue Reading →


Hello readers! It is a gloomy, cold, glum day here. So far today I mainly did my school work and then curled up under a blanket and read for a while. I’m veeeeeeery tired and I wanna go to sleep for, like, maybe a month at the least? I’ll wake up again when it’s summer... Continue Reading →

Our Travels Continued

Day Three: Written by Prasel The next morning the family had breakfast with their friends and said goodbye in the late morning. They were headed to Colorado that day and it was going to be a Very. Long. Drive. Okay, so maybe it was only eight hours, but to the younger kids (and maybe the... Continue Reading →

Our Travels Continued

Day one: Written by Peskedy Hello humans! My name is Peskedy and, since I am the oldest of us who are going on this trip, I thought I’d write about the first day of the trip my human (Hattush) and her family are taking. Day #1 was very busy. The family would leave right after... Continue Reading →

Our Travels

I am exhausted. I have a cold. I want to curl up under a blanket and sleep for a really long time. *Pause* We just got back from a two week vacation. And I’ve crawled to my computer to type this out for you. 🙂 So normally I’d just tell you about what we did,... Continue Reading →

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