Hope to Elipion – Chapter Four

Okay, so while I was typing most of this out, I was holding my little brother Dovid and trying to type one handed. I apologize for any grammar mistakes! We can just pretend that they were accidents, right? They were most likely because of my one handed typing! XD I hope you enjoy chapter four... Continue Reading →

Hope to Elipion Chapter Three

Here, finally, is chapter three in my story! If you haven't read the whole thing, check it out here. And now chapter three... Tuskanah sighed as she picked up the small bag of her belongings. Tears clouded her eyes as she, with her family, slowly stepped away from the only home that they had even... Continue Reading →

Hope To Elipion Chapter Two

Hello everyone! Today I am here to give you all chapter two in my story! I had a really hard time writing this chapter. I am not normally a procrastinator, but I was with this chapter. All week I knew that I should write it but I put it off until today! But here it... Continue Reading →

Hope to Elipion – Chapter One

Long ago, in a world different from ours, there was a large village called by the name of Hudea. This village was like nothing you or I could imagine living in. There was no electricity or running water. There were no cars or trains. There were no big stores with flashing signs and no fancy... Continue Reading →

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