I was looking through my files for something to post today and I decided to swallow my shame over my writing and to give you something that is very personal to me. 😰😱😣 *ahem* I LOVE writing and it often soothes me but it isn’t always pretty or hopeful. Some stuff tht I’ve written tends... Continue Reading →


So, since I happily "finished" my story, I'm here to give you sneak peeks from it. 🙂 😉 It still needs a lot of work and TONS of editing but you guys will love my failures in writing, right? I hope so.... Laugh along side me at my, uh, mistakes. XD It was a cool... Continue Reading →

In The Storm

She stood alone. The wild wind whipped her long, brown hair in her tear stained face. The trees around her creaked and swayed, as though making a desperate stand against the torrent around them. A driving rain made her wet to the skin. Yet she felt none of this. Nothing in the world mattered to... Continue Reading →

Tell The Story Challenge

I was nominated to do this by Lydia. Thank you, Lydia! 🙂 I have to stay, I am a little sheepish to put this story on....*Bites nails* Rules: Pick an image out of the choices. Write a short story, poem, or whatever that applies to that image. Choose some other bloggers to do the same... Continue Reading →

A peak into…

Hey friends! *Licks lips* (I just finished eating homemade cookies. 😉 ) I was supposed to do another post about our trip today but lazy me hasn’t written it yet. *Sigh* I’ve been busy trying to catch up on all the work I got behind in when I was uninspired. :/ So today I’m going... Continue Reading →


PEOPLE! YES! It is finally RAINING here instead of snowing! Yay! (I just had to write that! XD 😛 ) Here is a story that I wrote a  bit ago. 😉 Enjoy! 🙂 I stood by the door, undecided for a moment. I glanced back towards the only home I had ever known. If I... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Candle

The weak light from the candle was my only companion. Side by side in this dark world, we made our way through our short lives. The candle had been my friend since birth. When all others forsook me, the candle stayed by my side. It gave me warmth and light in the never ending winter... Continue Reading →

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