A Chapter From Nay-Nay

When I was younger (you know, before I entered the hugely old age of DOUBLE DIGITS)  my siblings and I would often make of stories around the lunch table. Our favorite set of characters was a family called *ahem* the Frederick Family (so original, I know). The cast of characters: First of all, there were... Continue Reading →

An Adventure With Sarah

(I wrote this story a LONG time ago but I recently discovered it again and laughed over it...XD) An Adventure With Sarah I sat in the sukkah. Okay, it was really my own personal creation but it served my purpose well. I smiled proudly to myself. I really had done a great job this year.... Continue Reading →


The smell of bitter coffee and the chatter of voices greet her as she steps through the double glass doors. “Glad you’ve come!” A man with cropped, gray hair reaches out to shake her hand. She smiles sadly and nods. She continues to walk quietly through the lobby. She grabs a disposable cup of coffee... Continue Reading →


I was looking through my files for something to post today and I decided to swallow my shame over my writing and to give you something that is very personal to me. 😰😱😣 *ahem* I LOVE writing and it often soothes me but it isn’t always pretty or hopeful. Some stuff tht I’ve written tends... Continue Reading →


So, since I happily "finished" my story, I'm here to give you sneak peeks from it. 🙂 😉 It still needs a lot of work and TONS of editing but you guys will love my failures in writing, right? I hope so.... Laugh along side me at my, uh, mistakes. XD It was a cool... Continue Reading →

In The Storm

She stood alone. The wild wind whipped her long, brown hair in her tear stained face. The trees around her creaked and swayed, as though making a desperate stand against the torrent around them. A driving rain made her wet to the skin. Yet she felt none of this. Nothing in the world mattered to... Continue Reading →

Tell The Story Challenge

I was nominated to do this by Lydia. Thank you, Lydia! 🙂 I have to stay, I am a little sheepish to put this story on....*Bites nails* Rules: Pick an image out of the choices. Write a short story, poem, or whatever that applies to that image. Choose some other bloggers to do the same... Continue Reading →

A peak into…

Hey friends! *Licks lips* (I just finished eating homemade cookies. 😉 ) I was supposed to do another post about our trip today but lazy me hasn’t written it yet. *Sigh* I’ve been busy trying to catch up on all the work I got behind in when I was uninspired. :/ So today I’m going... Continue Reading →

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