Random Talk #3

I sit alone in my room, listening to the song I Have This Hope by Tenth Avenue North. My siblings argue and play in the background. But here in my “lil world” everything is quiet and peaceful. The evening sunlight slips gracefully through my window, lighting up all of my little plants. And right now... Continue Reading →

Random Talk #2

Hand me a towel, people. *takes towel and wipes sweat off of face* I just got done running outside for like fifteen minutes and I'm dripping with sweat. Ugh. I'd planned to run for 30 minutes but then people started coming, so I had a good excuse to quit early. 😉 I have a love-hate... Continue Reading →

Random Hattush Talk #1

So I've started a new series on my blog. This is where I just talk about random stuff without having any apparent direction. XD Uh, the idea behind this was that it would be really funny but I think a big dino called Life came and stomped my sense of humor out of me. Now... Continue Reading →

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