Bake Off!

For the past three Mondays, Nahum, Baruch, Yoveil and I have been doing this little "bake off" as a part of school. (Great part of studies, right? We get to "taste test" food - we need to make sure it isn't poisonous, you know. XD) Basically, Mama gives us a theme and we have to... Continue Reading →

I’m still alive!😉

Guess what?!?! We are at our new (temporary) home!!!!!!!!!!! 🥳🤩👍🏻👏🏻 I am so very happy to be here!!!!!! But I’ve been real busy which is why my poor blog has been so neglected! On our way down, we got to visit family!! We visited my uncle and cousins on the first day, and then we... Continue Reading →

Running With Yoveil

Today Yoveil and I decided that, since we were both kinda bored, and since it looked like such a freezing cold day outside, that we should get bundled up and go run around the track. 🙂 So we did! I took my camera along, too. I was hoping to get some cute pictures of her,... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Gone

*curls up in ball and attempts to not squish the computer in the process* Help me. Give me a drink that automatically puts me to sleep or something. *decides against that because I'm already so tired* Anybody have anything to kill a sugar-induced headache? No? Maybe I'll just get a glass of water and stop... Continue Reading →

Fifteen Years In Review

Well guess what?! I turn 16 today! It is CRAZY how fast the years have gone by! In honor of me *ahem* *insert goofy face* here are pictures of me growing up. *Proceeds to spend way too long looking through old pictures and wanting to go back and relive those times* 2003   2004 Just... Continue Reading →

Fall Evening Photography

A couple days ago, Daddy and I went out to take some pictures. 🙂 Enjoy! After we finished the pictures of the lake, we went to find flowers. *insert heart eyes here* Also, Jehosheba and I now have braces. 😉 We got them put on Tuesday. 🙂

Home Again

*Wipes away tears and tries to forget that I'm back home and that the two-week trip is already over* Well hello my readers. Yes, I am back home. Very unfortunately. I wanted to stay away longer... *Ahem* Okay, so as you know, two weeks ago on a little Tuesday, our family packed our van and... Continue Reading →


Whoa.....I cannot believe that it is AUGUST ALREADY!!! Where did July go?! Pardon me while I scream and run around in circles for a moment. XD I'm just SO SHOCKED by how fast the months are going by!!! And guess what? It kinda feels like it is starting to cool off again here. *sigh* What... Continue Reading →

20 Questions Tag + Birthday Pictures

So yesterday Jehosheba got dressed up and we went outside to take some pictures of her! Our backyard has lots of fun and pretty shrubbery so we had fun with that. 🙂 Also, a big thank you to everyone who made her birthday so special! 🙂 ❤ And secondly, Coralie let me do this tag!... Continue Reading →

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