Random Life Update: April

Wow, another month nearly over! It really is crazy how time flies. April flew by with a flurry of rain, research, boredom, tea, reading, lots of stevia-coated-ice and gum. 😉 I’m really not sure what to write here. I’ve started this post like four times and just keep on deleting my attempts ‘cause they aren’t … Continue reading Random Life Update: April

Island of the Misfit Toys

I’ve never been normal. No one who knows me would say that. I’m pretty sure that I was born with a red stamp across my face that said, “THIS KID IS DESTINED NEVER TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE – NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE DOES TO TRY AND SAVE HER, SHE CAN’T ESCAPE HER LIFELONG SENTENCE.” … Continue reading Island of the Misfit Toys

A Day In My Life

Miss Rosy Marr, you are my blogging inspiration. 😛 Rosy did a blog post about a day in her life, which inspired me to do one as well! (Sorry, Rosy, I keep stealing your ideas....) 9:15 AM I (reluctantly) wake up and headed downstairs for breakfast with my family. 10:00 I go outside for my … Continue reading A Day In My Life

Happy Birthday, Mama

Happy birthday to the best mommy in the world. ❤ 🙂 Thank you for always caring about all of us kids and for your faithful service throughout all of the years. ❤ You're a special person and a good roll model. Thanks for all that you do for everyone. ❤ LOVE YOU. ~Hattush

Visits, Flights and Photos

Hello, people! I’m alive, I promise. 😉 Wow, it’s been over two weeks since I posted anything at all! *gasps of shock* It feels great to be back, though! 🙂 😊 👍🏻 WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING IN MY ABSENCE? Uh, not a ton, actually. XD For the first part of January, I basically just … Continue reading Visits, Flights and Photos