A Wonderful Beginning To 16

*takes a bite of biscotti and a sip of coffee* Well people, guess what. It's snowing outside. *nods solemnly* I woke up this morning and looked out of my window and was like, "Uh.....what is that layer of white stuff doing all over our porch??" XD In other news, I had a GREAT BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Continue Reading →

Fifteen Years In Review

Well guess what?! I turn 16 today! It is CRAZY how fast the years have gone by! In honor of me *ahem* *insert goofy face* here are pictures of me growing up. *Proceeds to spend way too long looking through old pictures and wanting to go back and relive those times* 2003   2004 Just... Continue Reading →

From Our Van….

This is an impromptu blog post, written as I sit in our mini van. 😊😉 We are in the cities for our normal Tuesday appointments. We just finished lunch at Olive Garden and now I will be sitting in this van for approximately 2 1/2 more hours before finally start the 1hour 30 + minute... Continue Reading →

Apples, apples and more apples!

Guess what?! We were given a TON of apples from the many apple trees around this area! We now have three big totes full of apples!!! This afternoon Jehosheba, Nahum and I were working on cutting up some of the apples for future use. (Beg pardon for the picture quality! I used the phone because... Continue Reading →

My Life This Morn’

Warning: Hattush's brain is running on very little sleep and no food right now so this post may be random. So hello my dear readers. Right now I am babysitting all of my siblings besides Dovid. I was searching for something to post this morning, but I couldn't really find anything so.... Right now we're... Continue Reading →


Whoa.....I cannot believe that it is AUGUST ALREADY!!! Where did July go?! Pardon me while I scream and run around in circles for a moment. XD I'm just SO SHOCKED by how fast the months are going by!!! And guess what? It kinda feels like it is starting to cool off again here. *sigh* What... Continue Reading →

The Past Recreated

So Jehosheba and I decided to take pictures of our younger selves and then recreate them. 🙂 XD Here are the fruits of our labors. XD Jehosheba's was SO CUTE. But she's in the shower and will get mad at me if I post it without her permission. You guys want to see her, right?... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th Of July

Hey!! So it is July fourth again! Wow! I remember last July 4th....It is AMAZING how much life can change in a year. Anyway. Let's all remember WHY we celebrate today!!! 🙂 Also, I have been pretty busy this last few days. That is the greatest excuse for not posting, right? Last Saturday, our friends... Continue Reading →

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