Soda Speaks

As you may remember, a few weeks ago I posted Coffee Conversations. Today I'm back talking with another drink! My friend Kaley and I wrote this together! 🙂 Hope you enjoy! 🙂 Hattush: Introducing... Soda! Soda: Uh, hi I guess. Just so ya know, I’m SO COLD, that… (Little help here? I totally just forgot my... Continue Reading →

One Year Of Blessings!

November 30th, 2018. I sat at my computer wondering WHY I was even thinking of starting a blog! I had so many questions and I would have backed out if Jehosheba hadn't forcefully ( 😉 ) encouraged me to keep going. Now I am so thankful that I have! It has been a whole year... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow people! I can't believe that Thanksgiving is here again! *shakes head* Seems like just a few short months ago that I was standing in the kitchen stuffing myself on uncooked homemade cheese cake attempting to make a cheese cake for dessert. XD  Anybody else wonder why we stuff ourselves on the big Thanksgiving meal??? Hmm.... Continue Reading →

Bake Off!

For the past three Mondays, Nahum, Baruch, Yoveil and I have been doing this little "bake off" as a part of school. (Great part of studies, right? We get to "taste test" food - we need to make sure it isn't poisonous, you know. XD) Basically, Mama gives us a theme and we have to... Continue Reading →

Coffee Conversations

I'm sitting here with a cup of very hot cream-less coffee, contemplating the meaning of life.  Or not. I'm actually drinking coffee because I'm real tired because I stayed up too late last night emailing, reading and listening to music.   But I don't think de drink doing anything.....maybe because I grabbed the decaf instead... Continue Reading →

I’m still alive!😉

Guess what?!?! We are at our new (temporary) home!!!!!!!!!!! 🥳🤩👍🏻👏🏻 I am so very happy to be here!!!!!! But I’ve been real busy which is why my poor blog has been so neglected! On our way down, we got to visit family!! We visited my uncle and cousins on the first day, and then we... Continue Reading →

We’re Really Leaving

Wow. I can't believe that we're ACTUALLY moving. This is crazy! This is our last full day that we will spend in this house. Ever. Wow. *shakes head in disbelief* It seems like it's been long in coming, yet in some ways it just all happened so fast! In September we were coming back from... Continue Reading →

Farewell, Faithful Friend!

*WEEPS* people, this is awful! THIS IS TRAGIC! THIS IS HEARTBREAKING! *wipes tears away from very red eyes and attempts to stop weeping* WHY OH WHY?! *controls self* Today, I'm writing a blog post to say farewell to something that has served me very well over the past almost year; something that has helped me... Continue Reading →

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