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Covid-19: Fight With The Five {Guest Post}

Everywhere you look, there’s some sign or person saying “do the five”. It’s part of this time. Some think it’ll blow over and others think it’s the end of the world. No matter where you fall, three words probably ring in your ears. “Do the five”. Well, don’t hate me, but here’s another five ways… Continue reading Covid-19: Fight With The Five {Guest Post}


One Who Doesn’t Change

I’ve been looking through my old blog posts, in an attempt to get inspired to blog. I’ve started at least three different blog posts and then deleted them because THEY DON’T WORK. *growls* I want to do a “fun” blog post but nothin’ is a’coming to me. :/ I know what you’re thinking....Is HATTUSH, blogging… Continue reading One Who Doesn’t Change

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2020 – My New Year’s Hope

I was curled up in the basement closet, my earphones playing Anchor over and over again. Tears were spilling out of my eyes way too fast and the empty ache in my heart only grew more and more by the second. I was hiding, hoping that no one would ever find me because I couldn’t… Continue reading 2020 – My New Year’s Hope