To Houston (part 2of 2)

December 30th Our last full day in Houston. I was sad to see our vacation fly by so quickly. If I hadn’t wanted to get my sugar gliders home, I would have been much more devastated to leave. XD We drove through a China Town. It was really cool. We split some authentic Chinese food … Continue reading To Houston (part 2of 2)

To Houston (part one of two)

Hey guys! I meant to get this post written a week ago, but it was crazy busy between tons of appointments, birthday, etc.  Anyway, I’m finally sitting down to write about our trip to Texas! (The whole post ended up being long, so I divided it into two parts). My parents decided to celebrate their … Continue reading To Houston (part one of two)


Hey guys! I was really encouraged by this post by Amie. ❤

Amie Anne

I like reason. I like to know everything behind an idea, everything behind a request, and everything behind a rule. Backstories are my specialties, and as a child, my favorite word was a simple question. Why?

The problem for me with the word why started in church. According to my teachers as a child, you aren’t supposed to ask God why. You aren’t supposed to ask why God made giraffes giraffes, or why he decided to make the sun be daytime. You aren’t supposed to ask him why he put you in your family, or why he didn’t send someone besides his only son to die. You aren’t supposed to ask why, even when a family member dies, or someone hurts you so badly you doubt you’ll ever be the same again.

I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to ask why.

And in fact, I still don’t.

As Christians…

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Life As An Empath

The dictionary describes an empath as “a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual”. An empath is someone who is very sensitive to the emotional and physical needs and hurts of the people around them. We don’t know a ton about empaths in general, but they think … Continue reading Life As An Empath

The Books of 2020

Warning: this is a very long post. Before I do anything, I want to wish my parents happy TWENTYTH anniversary! You guys are awesome. It's been such a blessing to see your relationship grow and blossom over the years. ❤ Hey guys! I love reading and it is an awesome pass time! I decided to … Continue reading The Books of 2020

Random Life Update: December

Wow, I can't believe that the NEW YEAR is right around the corner!! 2020 flew by. So much happened, I forgot sometimes that it's only been a year. *nods* I did a ton of school at the beginning of the month 'cause I knew I would get behind with our trip and all of the … Continue reading Random Life Update: December

Unto Us A Child Is Born

MEERY CHRISTMAS, FRIENDS! I can't believe that another Christmas has arrived!!! As a kid, I always loved Christmas: the lights, being with family, the food, the presents. The past few years have been different. Instead of visiting extended family, we stayed home. While we had a wonderful time as a family, I missed everyone. I … Continue reading Unto Us A Child Is Born

Tiny Elves and Christmas Cheer (part 3 of 3)

Chapter SevenChristmas Cheer Klara couldn’t believe that she was standing in Santa’s office. It was bigger than she ever imagined. He was bigger than she thought. She wondered how the giant of a man had ever fit through chimneys – even in his younger days. “Isn’t this great, T.E.” She whispered to the little elf, … Continue reading Tiny Elves and Christmas Cheer (part 3 of 3)

Tiny Elves and Christmas Cheer (part 2 of 3)

Chapter FourMagic Eggnog “T.E.” Klara shouted. She dropped to her knees beside him. He jumped and nearly dropped his bottle. He stuffed it back into his pocket. “Go inside, kid. Your mom won’t be happy if you’re sick on Christmas.” “I won’t go. Not until you help me.” “What now?” T.E’s voice was desperate. “I … Continue reading Tiny Elves and Christmas Cheer (part 2 of 3)

Tiny Elves and Christmas Cheer (Part 1 of 3)

Chapter OneMissing Something was missing. Klara Pegus couldn’t figure out what it was. The plastic Christmas tree had been propped up in the corner of the room and decorated with the traditional two ornaments. The radio was blasting holiday songs. The Elf on the Shelf sat on the mantel. There was even a plate of … Continue reading Tiny Elves and Christmas Cheer (Part 1 of 3)

On Precious, Beans and Ring

Photo by on Hey guys! So the last night of Hanukah was a couple nights ago. Very sad. We decided to play a final game of dreidel while we watched the candles burn out. Since gelt (chocolate coins) are devoured and destroyed by Dovid and Yoveil as soon as they're in reach, we … Continue reading On Precious, Beans and Ring

The Good Christian: lies that Christians believe

As Christians, it’s easy to fall into the trap that says we have to be perfect. It’s easy to believe that if we’re broken, God must be disappointed in us. When things like mental illness, pain, questions, etc. come up, it is easy to want to hide them because we think that GOOD Christians shouldn’t … Continue reading The Good Christian: lies that Christians believe