The Girl Who Didn’t Believe In Heroes

There once was a girl who didn’t believe in heroes. While she mocked others for having them, she secretly longed for one. But she knew that no one could ever be her one cared enough to notice her. She was determined to be self-sufficient. She needed no one. Then the Great Darkness came and … Continue reading The Girl Who Didn’t Believe In Heroes

New Gliders!! {Names Needed}

Exciting news, guys!

An Inky Dream

Hello everyone! I have exciting news!!!

*decides to forego long pauses for suspense*

I. Am. Getting. Two. New. Gliders.

YES! You heard that right! I’m getting two new sugar gliders! Back in February, a sweet lady decided to rehome her gliders. After a lot of consideration, I decided that I would get them. I’ll be picking them up on April 16th! Not too far from now!

I am so thrilled, guys. These gliders are adorable! It’s a little neutered boy and a little girl! The boy is a Standard Grey and the girl is a Luesistic (like Ink). They’re both pretty young – under a year.

I need help with names, guys! I like my names to be really meaningful and to have a story behind them (which is why it takes me forever to come up with good names). I narrowed it down to eight names between them both…

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Random Life Update: March

Hello everyone! My one week break turned out longer than I expected. I'm still kinda burnt out of blogging, but I'm hoping that I'll get ideas and motivation soon! Anyway, I'm back with my random life update for March! March was a really busy month, which was unusual. It's normally really boring and long and … Continue reading Random Life Update: March

My Cookie, My Friend: A Tragedy

Earlier this afternoon, Jehosheba, Mama, Yoveil and I went into town. We stopped by a store and got some coffee and cookies (the best food ever). Yoveil desperately wanted this cookie that looked like a little chicken. Mama got it without her knowing. Then we went to our appointments. While Jehosheba was in hers, Mama … Continue reading My Cookie, My Friend: A Tragedy

Random Life Update: February

Uuuh, so yeah, this is a little late. But I completely forgot about writing this post, so it was very last minute, lol. Life (Random picture of peppers) February was a really busy month, which is funny because February's are normally really boring. We had So. Many. Appointments. It was crazy. I had OT every … Continue reading Random Life Update: February

Purim 2021 – A Time To Celebrate

Hey guys!!! I will be answering your assumptions about me in the next post, but today's topic is...PURIM! Yep, it is that time of year again! Today is Purim and I'm super excited about it! Well, besides the fact that the boys are making noise makers (to boo out Haman's name). Noise and I are … Continue reading Purim 2021 – A Time To Celebrate


I feel helpless a lot more than I wish. When I see someone I love struggling with the same things that I struggled with in the past (or still do), it’s easy to feel helpless. I can’t take their hurt away. I can’t rescue them. I can’t do anything to force their pain away. This … Continue reading Helpless

Six Years: How Fast Life Can Change

Hey. I was walking through the store a couple days ago, passing Valentine's Day discount candy and listening to Yoveil chatter about how much she wanted to buy literally everything she saw (even the cat food). XD And then I had an idea: wouldn't it be funny to do a blog post about how much … Continue reading Six Years: How Fast Life Can Change

LOTR Inspired Food Fun

Hey guys! I'm not doing a Valentine's Day post, in case you were wondering. Nope, I'm talking about something much better - FOOD & LOTR. 😂 aka me XD XD I mentioned in my last Random Life Update, that for Daddy's birthday, we bought him the Hobbit/LOTR movies on DVD. Mama, as an add on … Continue reading LOTR Inspired Food Fun